Introducing: The Swoonery Jewelry Salon

It’s finally here! The Swoonery team has scoured the world for the most unique, impeccably crafted, fine jewelry designers and brands and consolidated them into a single place for your shopping pleasure—The Swoonery Jewelry Salon. Perched just above street level on […]

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Why Buy Fine Jewelry?


No one needs to wear fine jewelry. In fact, you may be someone who chooses not to wear any jewelry at all and I applaud you for having made a conscious choice about who you are and how you communicate […]

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11 Must Have Summer Jewelry Pieces For 2017


With the fall season (and fashion) quickly approaching, we’ve decided to focus a bit on taking advantage of this year’s summer designs before they’re done for the year.  Whether accessorizing for that last trip before Labor Day or adding a bit more […]

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August’s Birthstone: Peridot


One of the oldest gemstones, Peridot symbolized the sun in ancient times and was typically thought of as having the ability to bring a royal dignity upon its wearer.  As a result, those who were provided with Peridot wore the stone in hopes that […]

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10 Stackable Rings To Obsess Over


Think layering is just for fashionistas – think again. Since hitting the mainstream scene, stackable rings have become a great way for anyone to unleash their inner artist – without going too overboard.  But, it’s also not for the faint of heart. […]

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10 Stunning Earrings For Long Hair


Matching stunning earrings to certain hair types is a challenging feat.  Earrings play a central role in completing an outfit as well as bringing plenty of attention to your face and hair.  So, it’s important to invest the time and effort in choosing […]

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July’s Birthstone: Ruby


A pivotal birthstone, as it signifies the passing of the year’s mid point, the Ruby is a radiant stone that was said to contain the essence of life – a physical drop of blood from Mother Earth.  Eastern legend had it […]

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