March’s Birthstone: Aquamarine


Latin for ‘seawater’, Aquamarine has been coveted for its bright blue and crisp hues.  Forming sizable crystals, the modern birthstone allows fine jewelry designers plenty of room for creativity and offers the potential for larger designer pieces.  But, it hasn’t always just been used for fine designer jewelry.  Historically, this gemstone of the ages has been relied upon and used to create happier relationships, alleviate poisoning and ward off failure and evil spirits for warriors going to battle.

Fast forward to today and it is typically set in luxury rings, earrings and other fine designer jewelry pieces where bright accents or a pure bright blue elements are needed against other designer stones like opal.

Bet you didn’t know:

Birth Month: March

Zodiac Sign: Pisces / Aries

Other Applications: It’s the sparkling gem of a couple’s 19th wedding anniversary.

Jane Taylor Cirque Baguette Eternity Band

Eden Presley Aquamarine & Boulder Opal Drop Earrings

Yael Sonia Aquamarine Hammered Brilliant Curve Ring

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