Swoonery Designer Exclusive: Inside Goshwara


OH MY GOSH-WARA! Is how we’re feeling after leaving Sweta Jain’s office located in the heart of the diamond district in NYC. From Sweta’s warm and welcoming personality to being surrounded by too many jewels to count, the feeling was as if we’ve left a family holiday party where the fire was roaring, the company was familiar, and the food, in this case “jewels”, was never ending. Given that gemstones run deep within the family, this wasn’t a surprise.  From accompanying her father as a child to the mines of Africa to working with stone cutters in NYC, Sweta Jain is in the thick of it. But it wasn’t always this way.

We had the amazing opportunity to talk to Sweta about her journey from being a certified pilot, an artist, a photographer, to being a jewelry designer and what it all means to her!

You’re a certified pilot, an artist, a photographer, and a graduate from FIT in jewelry design. How has your journey shaped you and affected the way you look at jewelry?

Sweta: I didn’t always want to become a jewelry designer. I always thought I was going to be a pilot, traveling the world and writing about my travels. But, after enrolling into FIT to study jewelry design, it was like déjà vu, taking me back to the times when I was with my father and brothers in the mines of Africa. It took my heart and since then, I’ve been hooked. My background in art, photography, and sense of adventure in flying has definitely been a huge help. A little bit of this, a little bit of that and complements on our jewelry photographs is always a plus!


We can see that your sense of adventure and knowledge of gems have been a huge influence on your designs. Your brand name “Goshwara” – a word used in the courts of Persian and Indian kings to describe a teardrop shape crafted so finely with perfect proportions that only the finest craftsmen could create a ‘Goshwara” – has been paired with the names of your collections such as Gossip, Mischief, Rock-N-Roll, and Beyond. With all that depth wrapped into pieces of jewelry, where do you envision someone wearing your pieces going or feeling?

Sweta: Jewelry and gems have always been seen as something serious since it embodies the idea of craftsmanship and tradition, however, I want to ask, why be serious? Or boring? I love the meaning and uniqueness that the word “Goshwara” symbolizes and together with the names of my collections, I want to portray how much fun I’m having. Whether you are wearing my jewelry to something serious like an opera or just everyday, I want people to have fun and feel happy.

So do you have a happy dance or any specific steps you take to help get focused, channeling happy energy into your designs?

Sweta: My design process varies for each project. My collections I launch every year or so and my one-of-a-kinds I can design one every week. Ideas can strike as I’m walking around the city, watching movies like Great Gatsby, seeing a cut gemstone that catches my eye, or having a gemstone cut specifically for a design in mind. I’m a lover of classics and vintage, focusing on geometry and art deco for inspiration – the city with all it’s architecture is an amazing place to be!

It seems like you enjoy every aspect of design and with your varied background, you are able to be contribute to so many different parts of your company. What is your favorite part of your “job / jobs” within your company?

Sweta: You’re right! I love it all but I still love traveling the best. We have trunk shows, client meetings all over the US, Canada and overseas for the tradeshows.

With all that traveling, meeting your clients, and being in the “who’s who,” do you have a go to piece that you wear and take with you? A piece that is your favorite from all your designs?

Sweta: I have my big opal ring that I designed and can’t bare to let go! Opals are so special and can read as neutral, so it is easy to match with any outfit. It also is my October birthstone so I try to wear it to as many events as I can!


When you said big, you meant big! Your ring is amazing and with October just around the corner, we’re sure you’ll be wearing it non-stop. However, for more daily wear, what pieces or certain gemstones do you recommend?

Sweta: Of course I would love to wear my big opal ring everyday, but for everyday wear, I recommend pieces that have gemstones like moonstone and crystal. I wear my crystal ring, almost everyday and with moonstone and crystal quartz being neutral, it makes going from day to night and matching any outfit super easy. Also, anything with a hint of diamonds is nice. You never know where you’ll end up and having that one item that catches the light is fitting for any occasion!

Well Sweta, you’ve certainly given us and your fans a lot to be happy about! Your pieces exude luxury due to it’s fine craftsmanship and reflect happiness with unique designs and playful colors. We can’t wait for your next collection that focuses on pave.  We know it’ll be worth the wait!  And, thanks for choosing a few pieces just for your collection on Swoonery – we’re keeping an eye on the big opal!


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