Introducing: The Swoonery Jewelry Salon

It’s finally here! The Swoonery team has scoured the world for the most unique, impeccably crafted, fine jewelry designers and brands and consolidated them into a single place for your shopping pleasure—The Swoonery Jewelry Salon. Perched just above street level on […]

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11 Must Have Summer Jewelry Pieces For 2017


With the fall season (and fashion) quickly approaching, we’ve decided to focus a bit on taking advantage of this year’s summer designs before they’re done for the year.  Whether accessorizing for that last trip before Labor Day or adding a bit more […]

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August’s Birthstone: Peridot


One of the oldest gemstones, Peridot symbolized the sun in ancient times and was typically thought of as having the ability to bring a royal dignity upon its wearer.  As a result, those who were provided with Peridot wore the stone in hopes that […]

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10 Stackable Rings To Obsess Over


Think layering is just for fashionistas – think again. Since hitting the mainstream scene, stackable rings have become a great way for anyone to unleash their inner artist – without going too overboard.  But, it’s also not for the faint of heart. […]

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10 Stunning Earrings For Long Hair


Matching stunning earrings to certain hair types is a challenging feat.  Earrings play a central role in completing an outfit as well as bringing plenty of attention to your face and hair.  So, it’s important to invest the time and effort in choosing […]

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July’s Birthstone: Ruby


A pivotal birthstone, as it signifies the passing of the year’s mid point, the Ruby is a radiant stone that was said to contain the essence of life – a physical drop of blood from Mother Earth.  Eastern legend had it […]

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April’s Birthstone: Diamond


Admired for centuries, the diamond has always been the symbol of everlasting love.  So, it’s only natural that it’s the featured gemstone when it comes to fine designer jewelry pieces.  It’s also April’s birthstone. Historically, the diamond, the hardest known […]

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10 Engagement Ring Designers You Should Know About


There’s a lot to consider when it comes to investing in an engagement ring – the price, the materials and the myths .  But, above all else, design remains a considerable dealbreaker when buying that unique piece.  It has to encapsulate but reflect your relationship […]

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Be Unique: 9 Stunning Colored Engagement Rings


Now, we’re not knocking those who want to keep things classic.  After all, diamonds are forever.  But today’s brides-to-be want to be original.  They want to mark their special occasion with a unique piece that really captures and expresses their relationship. […]

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