Introducing: The Swoonery Jewelry Salon

Perched just above street level on Manhattan’s 5th Avenue, The Swoonery Jewelry Salon is an intimate space that offers personalized experiences for you to discover, interact with and shop from over 85 of the world’s hottest designer jewelry brands. Book an appointment to work with our jewelry specialists for the personalized services below and don’t be surprised if one of our designers drops by to show us their latest creations or say hello.


Discovery & Styling– Let our jewelry specialists take you on a tour of our featured brands, discover the work of new jewelry designers and find the perfect jewelry for your aesthetic, style accessories for any occasion or outfit; get tips on the most flattering pieces for your visage; and learn how to get the most wear out of your jewelry collection.

Gift Concierge– A gentleman’s secret weapon but open to anyone seeking a gift for someone special—our discreet Gift Concierge works within your designated budget and guides you to a gorgeous selection that’s sure to make the recipient feel loved, understood and appreciated.

Jewelry Trade Up– What do you do with diamond jewelry you’ve outgrown or no longer wear? Now you can bring it in to Swoonery and trade it in for brand new jewelry from any of our designers’ current collections. Take part in Swoonery’s Sustainability Initiative and help us reduce waste and promote socially conscious practices in the fine jewelry industry. Inquire for more details when booking.

Jewelry Spa– Jewelry cleaning (complimentary), resizing, repairs and redesign.

Please tell us which services you’re interested in when booking your appointment below and let us delight you with a personalized experience for all your jewelry needs.


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11 Must Have Summer Jewelry Pieces For 2017

With the fall season (and fashion) quickly approaching, we’ve decided to focus a bit on taking advantage of this year’s summer designs before they’re done for the year.  Whether accessorizing for that last trip before Labor Day or adding a bit more pop to your office look, these 11 must have summer jewelry pieces will help keep the vibes going for a bit longer – or at least be memorable.

So, without further ado, here are 11 pieces we think capture the essence of the hottest season of the year.


Fronds of 18-karat yellow gold are held aloft by cabochons of blue opal in this immaculate Katherine Jetter piece dubbed the Maiden of the Daintree.


Bright, bold, and playful, the Gemstone Flower Drops are like rays of sunshine. Colorful gemstone flowers with rhodium-plated centers anchor these earrings, each dropping into a second, matching flower. Shimmering tourmaline and blue topaz create a fun look, alive with light-catching energy and shine as these She Bee earrings mimic your natural movement.


These clear triangle-shaped topaz set in 14-karat rose gold lovingly created by EF Collection, give off the glimmer of refinement and modernity. If you want an unbelievable necklace that is distinctive yet always on cue, then this is a victorious choice–and who doesn’t want to win.


Sophisticated and artful, Syna’s Stacking Rings in Dawn epitomize the elegant aesthetic synonymous with the brand. Three sleek 18k gold bands, each featuring a luminous precious stone, work together offering a refined twist on a classic design. Simple, yet undeniably chic, these stacking rings pair perfectly with other simple stackables.


The gold hoop may be one of the most recognizable staples of Indian culture, and the Snap Closure Gold Hoops by Amrapali Jaipur offer a contemporary twist. Anchored with sturdy snap closures, these hoops loop under the earlobe, hugging the ear snuggly. Sitting firmly in place, these easy-to-wear earrings stand out with any ensemble.


A luscious combination of color and shine, a triple stone stud is complemented with jacket of green, pink and bicolor tourmalines—all in a setting of 14-karat yellow gold – by Eden Presley. Accented with diamond details, you can wear them together, or mix the jacket with your favorite single stud.


Elegant enough for an empress, the Aquamarine Theodora Double Tear Ring by Dubini won’t be missed. Sleek yellow gold cascades around the finger forming a cuff, detailed with sapphire cabochons, capped on each end with an aquamarine drop. Unabashedly bright and blissfully bold, this ring offers a regal look fit for any royal goddess ready to rule the world.


Calm and mild-mannered, seahorses are content wandering the sea. With Bee Goddess’ Aqua Light Seahorse Anklet, this steady reminder of patience and perspective rests at your feet. Featuring five, glossy 14k seahorses sitting on an easy chain, this luxe, yet cheeky anklet pairs perfectly with shorts, skirts, or cropped pants.


A celebration of longevity in life, the Aqua Light Turtle Hand Bracelet with Emeralds is as meaningful as it is fun. A14k turtle encrusted in diamonds and emeralds rests on an easy 14k chain. Offering a bright pop of color and bright, glistening light, this Bee Goddess hand bracelet puts a delightful twist on an ultra-modern design.


A playful spirit is captured in the Mischief Disc Tassel Pendant with Quartz, Prasolite & Chrysobyrl. A glossy lemon quartz disc sits on a delicate 18k yellow gold chain. Dropping into a prasolite disc, then into a tassel of chrysobyrl beads, this Goshwara necklace seamlessly blends movement and color, creating a bright, cheerful look that draws the eye.


A lavish interpretation of a traditional string of prayer beads in this exquisite Buddha Mama piece.  Faceted aquamarine rondelle beads adorn a 20-karat golden chain as a 10mm tassel of moonstone and quartz adds an ethereal finish.

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August’s Birthstone: Peridot

One of the oldest gemstones, Peridot symbolized the sun in ancient times and was typically thought of as having the ability to bring a royal dignity upon its wearer.  As a result, those who were provided with Peridot wore the stone in hopes that they would be provided with expanded power and influence.  But it wasn’t just good for those seeking better opportunities.  Peridot was also used to ward off evil spirits (protecting from nightmares) and help in the healing process.  In times of war, the warriors decorated their armor with the stone in order to secure a triumphant victory.

Fast forward to today, peridot is used to accentuate different designer jewelry pieces.  Whether on its own or in conjunction with other gemstones, typically diamonds or sapphires, peridot is a great stone to highlight vibrant and energetic colors in any design.

Birth Month: August

Zodiac Sign: Leo/Virgo

Other Applications:  Large deposits of Peridot are typically found in China, Pakistan and Myanmar, with Arizona providing a significant supply in the US.


BoDeco Baguette Ring – Jane Taylor


Mischief Collection Disc Pendant – Goshwara


Tiger Lily Earrings | Prosperity – Bea Bongiasca

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