Why Buy Fine Jewelry?

No one needs to wear fine jewelry. In fact, you may be someone who chooses not to wear any jewelry at all and I applaud you for having made a consc...

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August's Birthstone: Peridot

One of the oldest gemstones, Peridot symbolized the sun in ancient times and was typically thought of as having the ability to bring a royal dignit...

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July's Birthstone: Ruby

A pivotal birthstone, as it signifies the passing of the year's mid point, the Ruby is a radiant stone that was said to contain the essence of life...

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Get the MetGala Look

Our favorite Monday of the year has just passed and we can't help but envy the lovely looks we saw take on the red carpet on those iconic Met steps...

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April's Birthstone: Diamond

Admired for centuries, the diamond has always been the symbol of everlasting love.  So, it's only natural that it's the featured gemstone when it c...

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