10 Engagement Ring Designers You Should Know About

There's a lot to consider when it comes to investing in an engagement ring - the price, the materials and the myths .  But, above all else, design remains a considerable dealbreaker when buying that unique piece.  It has to encapsulate but reflect your relationship in its entirety.  So, why not leave it to the professionals.  Engagement ring designers are at the top of their craft and have a knack of properly channeling creativity and expression through detailed pieces. "But what designers should I consider?"  Don't worry, we've got you. Here are 10 engagement ring designers (in no particular order) that create exquisite pieces that will truly take your breath away. harry-kotlar-swoonery Harry Kotlar Harry Kotlar is known for impeccably cut diamonds and hand-crafted, heritage jewelry. Established in 1948 as a diamond specialist, Harry Kotlar developed and perfected his signature Kotlar Cushion—a proprietary cut of diamond modeled after the antique cut favored by 19th century royalty and adapted to maximize its brilliance. markin-swoonery Markin Vladamir Markin designs jewelry that is nothing short of breathtaking. Giving motion to an otherwise static art form, he transforms jewelry into poetry. His high-tech kinetic pieces create an unceasing wonder for their craftsmanship and beauty. jane-taylor-swoonery Jane Taylor Founded by designer Jane Taylor, the eponymous brand encompasses the spirit of Taylor, an on-the-go woman. The jewelry is fun, elegant and created to be worn every day. In fact, the “totally everyday” concept defines the company. Bright and lively, the jewelry incorporates vibrant stones that give off a positive energy. jennifer-dawes-swooneryJennifer Dawes Jennifer Dawes Design creates gorgeous pieces of simple yet striking construction. It's the choice of materials along with the shapes and forms that makes them both memorable and magical. One of the first to dedicate her company to “green” production, she uses recycled metals from unused jewelry with ethically mined or recycled stones. lori-mclean-swoonery Lori McLean A self-taught jeweler and metalsmith, Lori McLean honed her craft making enamels that became known for their vivid layered planes of color against a backdrop of sterling silver. Seeking to elevate her skill, she began studying stone setting with a Japanese master metalsmith in his Chelsea Studio and also earned a Graduate Certificate in Diamond Grading at the Gemological Institute of America. zaiken-swoonery Zaiken Living and creating within “the beauty of contrast,” Zaiken founder Malak Atut is inspired by the individual and the roles that she plays. Atut first designed jewelry to wear on her wedding day when she couldn't find anything she loved. This experience ignited a passion and changed her career trajectory. She began making jewelry for others, which evolved into a collection. kc-sukamto-swoonery KC Sukamto Before turning to jewelry, Sukamto honed her design prowess and knowledge as a fashion stylist in London and New York City. Her multinational upbringing including Indonesian, French, Filipino, and Chinese heritage inspire her aesthetic. Sukamto finds beauty in the imperfect, and her work reflects this philosophy. She gravitates towards colorful gems, especially the glorious emerald, as it is close to her heart. susie-saltzman-swoonery Susie Saltzman As a specialist in engagement rings, Susie Saltzman knows the importance of this piece of jewelry. Every relationship is special and unique and that's why so are Saltzman's designs. She creates bespoke pieces, reflecting each soon-to-be bride's personality and individuality. Before establishing her company Saltzman worked for many years in product development at Tiffany & Co. jade-jagger-swoonery-2 Jade Jagger Visionary Jade Jagger began her career as a fine artist before applying her colorful, bohemian aesthetic to fine jewelry. Baroque carved gemstones, constellations of diamonds, pavé disco balls and precious metal skulls are just a few motifs that reoccur throughout Jagger's unique collections. cherry-brown-swoonery Cherry Brown After working as a flower and interior designer, Keiko Ishikawa followed her heart into jewelry. A self-taught artist, she's influenced by her former professions in her use of flowers and balanced design. Each piece reflects her theme of “creation with joy”. Follow us on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and PinterestFor more top engagement ring designers or other fine designer jewelry pieces check out the selection at Swoonery.