10 Stunning Earrings For Long Hair

Matching stunning earrings to certain hair types is a challenging feat.  Earrings play a central role in completing an outfit as well as bringing plenty of attention to your face and hair.  So, it's important to invest the time and effort in choosing an expressive piece that will really empower the look that you're aspiring to create.

When considering earrings for longer hair, always opt for longer pieces.  Longer, larger fine jewelry pieces stand a better chance at accentuating or complimenting certain outfits.  Comparatively, pieces like studs or ball shaped earrings aren't a great choice, as they tend to be hidden when worn with your hair down. Additionally, choose statement pieces that contain circles or rectangles.  These shapes contrast with the contour of the hair and work well whether your hair is slicked, half up or tucked. Keeping these simple tips in mind, here are 10 stunning earrings we think will look great with longer locks.

An electric alchemy of over 8 carats of yellow Swarovski topaz dresses up classic hoop earrings of 18-karat white gold in these Ziggy Deflated Hoop Earrings by

Sabine Getty. $9,700  Alive with light-catching movement, the Starflower Long Earring, is the perfect accent piece. Anchored by a bright silver starflower, this piece drops dramatically into thin chains finished with silver tips. Fringe-like, this Efva Attling earring offers plenty of eye-catching shimmer and shine. $300 shebee-earrings

Bold, beautiful, and irresistibly bright, the Multi Sapphire Fringe Earrings are sure to stun. Rows of rainbow sapphires set in glossy 14k gold cascade from the ears. Tiered stacks of the vibrant fringe offer subtle, light-catching movement, casting colorful winks of light. Whimsical, but oh so chic, these timeless She Bee treasures won't be missed. $2,500

Bea Bongiasca's Honeysuckle Love Ties Long Earrings fit in perfectly in art-deco-adoring destinations like Miami. These chunky 9k yellow gold hoops—inspired by the sweet-smelling Mediterranean-native flower—are feminine yet bold. They can be worn tastefully on their own or paired with a chunky jewel-adorned necklace for maximum effect. $1,160

Katherine Jetter's artistry shines through the exceptional Turquoise and Fire Opal Earrings.  Featuring 14.37ct Turquoise Cabochons set in 18K Yellow Gold with 3.64ct Mexican Fire Opal faceted stones these statement earrings accentuate all types of long locks. $7,200

Geometric shapes take on a luxe twist with the Arie Selene Drop Earrings by Dana Rebecca. Five yellow gold geometric shapes paved with diamonds cascade from the ear, offering a healthy dose of movement and shine. Sophisticated and elegant, these earrings breathe life into any ensemble, day or night. $2,640
These statement earrings, aptly named Byzantia Earrings by NC Rocks, celebrate the power of the Byzantine civilization in their design. Made of sterling silver dipped in white rhodium, pave diamonds and a mix of flat and cabochon enamel, they symbolize rebirth. $5,710
These little basket-like gold-plated earrings conjure up images of colorful fruit being toted to and from the marketplace. That's because the Anissa Kermiche Paniers Dores Earrings were inspired by star fruit, fortune cookies and the Mali tradition of carrying goods in baskets. Showcase your wanderlust with these dangles—perfect for wearing as an everyday staple or dressing up. $450
Geometric shapes and sensual curves come together in the Beyond Collection Quartz & Garnet Earrings by Goshwara. Smooth garnet studs sit snuggly against the ear, dropping into gold geometric shapes paved in diamonds, then cascading into round moonstone quartz beads. Eye-catching detail and bold color mingle, offering a look with infinite possibilities. $4,300
Gaze into the infinite with an openwork of 14-karat gold Dreamcatchers by BUC. Inset with an optic detail of Madagascar rubies, tsavorites and blue, orange, and yellow sapphires, this asymmetrical style drops pearl tears of both white and black. $6,750
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