6 Myths To Buying An Engagement Ring

It's a fact, buying an engagement ring is not easy.  Aside from setting a budget, knowing prices and designs and understand what your significant other wants, there are a ton of other things that come into play - including sifting through the false truths of buying an engagement ring. Here are 6 of our favorite myths that we want to help you weed out and debunk. You Need To Know Her Ring Size One of the biggest myths in purchasing an engagement ring is the need to know your significant other's ring size.  Modern day jewelry technology allows for custom ring sizing, even after you have given your token of love.  From either using solder beads or resizing the entire band, there are tons of options to accommodate your ring. So, don't sweat the small stuff and focus on being creative.   swoonery-jane-taylor

Rosebud Vintage Inspired Solitaire by Jane Taylor

You Need 2-3 Months Salary Back in the day, it was the rule of thumb - that engagement rings were supposed to be worth the equivalent of 2-3 months of an individual's salary.  Fast forward to modern day relationships and it's clear that this myth is total bunk.  Nowadays, engagement rings don't have to cost you an arm and a leg (literally).  With more fascinating design settings adding intrinsic value to fine designer pieces for less than $2000, there are a ton of options available for every price point.   A Bigger Diamond is Always Better It's a fact.  Size doesn't always matter when it comes to modern fine designer jewelry.  With tons of designs and cuts, the smallest engagement ring can really shine through.  Alternatively, bigger diamonds aren't always a guaranteed home-run either.   Larger gemstones can sometimes magnify flaws and imperfections that can be damaging to the overall aesthetic of the piece. Shop Alone Tradition dictates that every proper significant other should find the engagement ring and then plan a surprise engagement event - a memorable one.  But, where's the fun in that?  Shopping with the significant other allows the couple to speak about budget and what they like, as well as making sure the piece is a real reflection the relationship.  An engagement ring is a significant investment, so make sure you're in it together. There Should Be Only One Diamond Future fiancees aren't a dime a dozen, so why would you want an engagement ring to be?  Allow the personality of the engagement ring shine through (pun intended) by incorporating more diamonds or other gemstones into the engagement ring.  From 3-stone engagement rings to adding baguettes, commit to making sure the ring is all about your relationship and its originality , not conforming to the status quo. swoonery-markin

Sapphire Cantilever Bridge Ring by Markin

It Has to Be A Diamond Although at the top of the Mohs hardness scale, diamonds can sometimes be a bit boring.  Those that are into giving their designer engagement rings a bit more character are beginning to choose gems of different colors.  Nowadays, proposers are going to sapphires, amethyst, emeralds and pearls when considering top contenders to a girl's best friend.   Check out engagement rings and more fine designer jewelry at Swoonery. Or follow us on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest.