August's Birthstone: Peridot

One of the oldest gemstones, Peridot symbolized the sun in ancient times and was typically thought of as having the ability to bring a royal dignity upon its wearer.  As a result, those who were provided with Peridot wore the stone in hopes that they would be provided with expanded power and influence.  But it wasn't just good for those seeking better opportunities.  Peridot was also used to ward off evil spirits (protecting from nightmares) and help in the healing process.  In times of war, the warriors decorated their armor with the stone in order to secure a triumphant victory. Fast forward to today, peridot is used to accentuate different designer jewelry pieces.  Whether on its own or in conjunction with other gemstones, typically diamonds or sapphires, peridot is a great stone to highlight vibrant and energetic colors in any design. Birth Month: August Zodiac Sign: Leo/Virgo Other Applications:  Large deposits of Peridot are typically found in China, Pakistan and Myanmar, with Arizona providing a significant supply in the US.

BoDeco Baguette Ring - Jane Taylor


Mischief Collection Disc Pendant - Goshwara


Tiger Lily Earrings | Prosperity - Bea Bongiasca

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