Designer Spotlight: HALLEH

A Texas native, Halleh Amiralai started out as a jewelry enthusiast. When she decided to take her hobby to the next level. she traveled to India to learn her craft. In India, accessorizing goes back many centuries. Women began decorating themselves to enhance their beauty and also to express their personality and style with their choices. Amiralai immersed herself in this rich history, especially goldsmithing, learning centuries old techniques from the top masters. Upon her return she opened her eponymous brand. Influenced by the Byantine era, Amiralai's pieces highlight the beauty of gold and are enriched with beautiful gems. Amiralai only chooses the highest quality materials, working with 18-karat gold and distinctive gems such as diamonds, sapphires, lapis, Persian turquoise and emeralds. Halleh's designs are not only sophisticated and elegant but have an aura of exotic spice. Though subtle they are irresistible pieces that transform any outfit into a triumph.

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