Father's Day: 3 Jewelry Tips My Father Passed Down To Me

I was 4 years old when I first played with gold dust. My father was a gem setter back then and he let me sweep up the gold dust on his jeweler's bench when he finished working. I stood on my booster stool and equipped with a little flat brush and aluminum tray, my imagination took flight. I was a giant peering into a galaxy of gold dust and diamond melee—it struck me as such a precious yet precarious realm—easily scattered with a careless gust of breeze. My 4-year-old-self felt powerful and strangely protective. I suppose it's inevitable that a jeweler's daughter develops a different relationship with, and perspective, on jewelry. My father taught me much of what I know about the subject but I never suspected that our conversations about how to wear jewelry would also eventually lay the groundwork for how I live as a woman. Here are a few of my favorites:
  1. Wear your jewelry, Allow it to serve its purpose.

    From the moment a designer puts pen to paper, a diamantaire lowers a rough diamond to the wheel to cut, a goldsmith begins to file the gold and a setter sets the gems, jewelry exists in human hands. Yet all too many consumers buy a piece of jewelry and treat it like an artifact that can't be handled; relegating it instead to live in the cold, dark interior of a safe. This taught me not to tiptoe through life but to live it with intention and purpose.
  2. The more comfortable you are in your own skin the more jewelry you can wear.

    My father always pointed out women who wore jewelry well—they carried the jewels with a nonchalance that just made it look like it belonged on them. Who says you can't wear two different earrings or a necklace backwards with an open back dress? Experiment, play, be yourself. He said that as women become more comfortable with themselves, really settled into who they are, they hold themselves differently and become fearless in expressing themselves and that's what's reflected in how they wear jewelry—they're not afraid to be seen.
  3. A woman who celebrates herself is a sight to behold.

    Every woman has a feature she's most proud of, whether it be structural cheekbones, an elegant collarbone or enviable ankles. Celebrate and emphasize your favorite features for yourself and for those who have the pleasure of gazing at you.
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