Get the MetGala Look

Our favorite Monday of the year has just passed and we can't help but envy the lovely looks we saw take on the red carpet on those iconic Met steps. Shop the jewelry looks below and turn any walkway into your very own runway.

Claire Danes

Eros Black Diamond Earrings by Elena Votsi

Eros Black Diamond Arrow Earrings by Elena Votsi

RUNA Mono Earring Arrow Arrow MONO Earring by RUNA NC Rocks Artemis Earring with Mini Triangle by NC Rocks Arrow Stud by Sydney Evan


Enchanted Garden Chandelier Detachable Earrings by VANLELES

Enchanted Garden Earrings by VANLELES


Shine Mini Earrings by Carol Kauffmann

Stars Ear Cuff by RUNA

Stellar Earrings by Jade Jagger

Sun Earring by RUNA