Happy Valentine's Day – Love, Me

Let's face it, Valentine's Day isn't the most uplifting holiday – especially if you're single.  But it doesn't have to be that way. Regardless of your relationship status, Valentine's Day is a great time to celebrate self love and expression, a time when you can really pamper yourself and place yourself on a pedestal. Enter Stage Right: designer fine jewelry. With its unique style and elegance, designer jewelry pieces break the standard mold of holiday jewelry and allow anyone to really express themselves while finding signature pieces that help to define who you are. It's even more effective when you're highlighting a signature part of your body or a belief that really characterizes who you are.  For those that love their ears: Move past the standard set of earrings and slip into this elegant and alluring 14-karat white gold earring done by BUC.  Dubbed the Transformer, this modular designer jewelry piece accentuates the ear while allowing for extensions along the upper neckline, finished off with large white and black pearls. buc_swoonery For those that love their abs: A body chain helps to bring out the elegance of a solid core for those that love their abs.  This piece, Snake Body Chain by Runa, features a 9-karat yellow gold link.  Look a bit closer and you can see the serpentine charm that glistens with grey and black diamonds. runa_swoonery For those that love their back:  Who said lariats can only be worn in front.  This designer jewelry piece done by Selin Kent, when worn backwards, highlights the fine silhouette of a smooth curved back.  With a quarter carat of white diamonds, this lariat ends in a loop of links. selin_kent_swoonery For those that love to make a statement: This 18-karat gold band by Marli allows every wearer to make a statement of their own, regardless of the holiday.  Through a thick band, this designer jewelry piece emits a soft femininity with a hardlined attitude. marli_swoonery For those that love their hands: And finally, for those that love their hands but have no desire for an individual ring.  This designer jewelry piece by Betony Vernon is great for those that want to highlight their hands in a unconventional method.  Dubbed Sado-Chic, the timeless and signature collection piece is an o-ring and cuff linked by 18k yellow gold. betony_vernon_swoonery Check out more designer jewelry & accent pieces at Swoonery. Or follow us on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest.