How to Wear Fine Designer Jewelry Ear Cuffs

One of the hottest fine designer jewelry pieces, designer ear cuffs have become a staple among the young and fashionable.  Either individually or stacked, these earring alternatives are truly a stylish piece that allows anyone to fully express themselves.  Unfortunately, they can sometimes be misunderstood - especially when it comes to proper fitting and positioning.  But don't fret.

Fitting (and wearing) an ear cuff is a lot simpler than you think.


Alice Cicolini - Summer Snow Ear Cuff

Here's how to do it:
  1. First, start at the bottom thinner part of the ear (just above the lobe), and fit the designer ear cuff on.  Make sure that the piece is fits on this part of the ear but sways loosely before moving on to step 2.
  2. Next, gently slide the ear cuff up the side of the ear, ensuring that there is little to no resistance as you move the designer jewelry piece up to the desired position.
  3. Finally, set the ear cuff in position, while arranging the piece to a desired and comfortable fit.  With some pieces offering a tighter fit by default, simply use a pair of tweezers to slightly open the cuff in order to get a better fit.  This option is best accomplished with designer pieces that are either all gold or silver - and are absent of any precious or semi-precious stones.
And, don't be afraid to stack your unique designer piece.  Dependant on the size of your ear, the ideal ear cuff stack is typically 3, although 4 or 5 are also fashionably acceptable. Check out more designer jewelry & accent pieces at Swoonery. Or follow us on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest.