July's Birthstone: Ruby

A pivotal birthstone, as it signifies the passing of the year's mid point, the Ruby is a radiant stone that was said to contain the essence of life - a physical drop of blood from Mother Earth.  Eastern legend had it that rubies were, instead, ripe sapphires that would only age once buried in the ground and required time to age properly. Ultimately, it is the ruby birthstone that is believed to increase one's stamina while boosting mental strength.  Thought to eliminate fatigue, the ruby also elevates one's passion - for life, experience, and fresh ideas.  So, when you're unable to feel fulfilled with your life goals and need some positive, refreshing energy, wear a piece accentuated with the ruby. Bet you didn't know: Birth Month: July Zodiac Sign: Cancer/Leo Other Applications: Large Ruby stones are rare and valuable.  So much so, in fact, that prices for whole, large sized rubies exponentially increase when compared to smaller varieties.

Selin Kent Ruby Marquise Defne Ring


Gemfields X Muse Yossi Harari Lilah XO Stud Earrings


Runa Love Open Ring

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