Leo: The Gentle Roar of the Peridot

Entering the world in August, Leos, represented by the lion, have the peridot as their birthstone. It is a stone often overlooked as perhaps dull in comparison to say diamonds, emeralds, opals and rubies. If you pass over the peridot, however, you'll not only be missing out on an unpretentiously beautiful jewel, but also its impressive qualities. Taking a closer look reveals a luscious green gem in daylight. But after the sun goes down, the peridot reveals a soft glow under a starlit sky, giving it the sobriquet “The Evening Emerald”. Cleopatra, a lover of fine gems, was known to cherish her gorgeous emeralds. In fact, it has been determined they were actually peridots. Peridots range in color from lime green to yellowish green with darker colors in between. Like diamonds, they are formed in the mantle of the earth and only come to the surface through tectonic plate or volcanic activity. An alluring and sensual stone in jewelry they also bring the wearer the peridots sacred qualities of peace, happiness and good fortune. The peridot isn't all peaches and cream like the goody-two-shoes girl down the block; it also has a delightfully edgy quality. Lore has it that pirates valued peridot as a talisman against evil. And now, that is a property attributed to the stone in general. Other propitious attributes of peridot include bringing influence, power and healing properties, as well as emotional balance and inner peace. In case someone casts a spell on you, don't worry. The peridot will keep you safe from harm.Due to its different hues, the peridot is a stone that shines in all types of jewelry as well as metals. In daylight it's sophisticated and stylish, while the evening brings mystery and adventure. If you take the peridot for granted, you will be missing out on a jewel of fortune, seduction and beguilement. Wear it for enchantment inside and out.