Life Hack: Never Worry About What to Get Her Ever Again

We get it guys, it's hard to buy gifts for women. That feeling of panic when the calendar alert pops up and you think, “Ugh, what am I going to get her?” So, you delay the dreaded experience until the last minute. We've all spent countless hours Googling “girlfriend gift ideas” or “birthday gifts for her” until we finally give up, go to a store and take a pushy sales associate's advice. Your strategy doesn't have to be hail Mary and hope for a miracle. Buying her a gift she'll love is much easier than you think. Here are some fool-proof tips that will make every girl swoon:
  1. Attention To Detail Is Sexy
Whether it's a holiday gift for your girlfriend or a birthday gift for your wife of twenty years, women would much rather receive something personal than something useful or safe like a gift certificate or appliance (note to self: appliances aren't sexy ;p). A personal gift shows you're paying attention and understand her. You're probably asking, “How do I know what to get her?” There's a reason why men who are clued-in resort to jewelry--it's personal by default because every time she wears it she's reminded of the occasion and the person who gave it to her. It's a win-win—when you get her jewelry she likes the more she wears it the more she's thinking of you.
  1. Think Like a Woman, Shop Like a Man
Every woman wants to feel like she's the love of your life and unlike anyone else. When buying jewelry, men assume it's safer to buy a woman something everyone else has but women's minds don't work that way. Women want what her friends don't have because it signals that you spent time thinking about her preferences and put effort into finding it. So, the next time you buy jewelry, choose a piece that's unique—exclusivity (not price) conveys luxury and will make her feel pampered and special.
  1. Choose Designer Brands
Men may be intimidated by funky styles or designer brands but it's actually the safer option. Why? Because brands are already vetted—you know you're getting a quality product and even though you've never heard of the brand chances are she's read about it in a fashion magazine and that automatically makes you look like you know what you're doing. In summary, you don't have to have the first clue about what you're doing in order get her a gift that makes her feel loved and appreciated. Follow the three simple tips above every time you celebrate a holiday, anniversary or birthday and we promise you'll soon overhear her girlfriends raving about your taste in jewelry and telling her how lucky she is to have a thoughtful man like you.