Midi-Rings: Ring Around the Middle

Midi-rings or above-the-knuckle rings are no doubt eye-catching and versatile accessories to adorn additional segments your fingers. Guess who invented the look? It wasn't Rihanna or Kendall Jenner. It goes all the way back to the Middle Ages when knights would joust for the favor of a maiden and courtesans' fingers glimmered as brightly as the melodies rising from the strings of their harps. The upper class wore rings to signify their social standing and midi-rings were an added symbol of status. Don't believe us? Take a look at the portraits of the era. Thousands of years later the midi-ring still remains a coveted statement piece because of its unique placement on the finger and its versatility. Don't be afraid to stack midi-rings and mix and match colors and textures. Usually thinner, more delicate ones are best to implement this look but don't be afraid to go for it with a bolder midi if that is the only ring you're wearing on that hand or if you have a larger volume ring on the hand to balance the proportions. Your hands are a canvas for communication and you have a unique voice. When selecting a size for your midi-ring choose a size that requires just a touch of pressure to get over your first knuckle, that will ensure it fits snugly and will not fall off. Midi-rings are eye-catching because of their unexpected placement which can either lend itself to a delicate playfulness or when worn together with traditional rings adds an air of gravitas to the hand of any confident woman.


Bee Goddess Midi Ring

Honeycomb Midi - Bee Goddess

Paige Novick Midi Ring

Pearl Midi - Paige Novick

Casato Midi Ring

Diamond Midi - Casato Roma