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  Based in Dubai, Mother and daughter team Nadine Hammoud and Cherine Altobaishi founded their company NC Rocks together. It was almost a foregone conclusion that Hammoud and Altobaishi would end up in the jewelry arts. The family story begins with a grandmother who enriched her life with adornment and passed down that love of beautiful things to her daughter and granddaughter. What makes the NC Rocks aesthetic so distinctive and delightfully different is the melding of the two individual tastes and experiences of Hammoud and Altobaishi, with each piece telling a cohesive story. In these Armoria earrings, lovely shades of enamel catch your eye in the drop-style earring crafted in 18-karat white gold. Drawing the design together is the enamel cross-shaped stud mirroring the colors below. Through their shape, they tell the story of protection and good fortune. e32272

Armoria Earrings

  You can see the influence of artists such as Picasso and Kandinsky in NC Rocks' work, but there are also components of the fantastic Art Deco period, glamorous fashion of the 30-50's and that edgy vibe of the 70's. This Elysium ring just pops with blues and black colored enamels. Set in 18-karat white gold and framed with diamonds, its geometry pays homage to the luxuriant Art Deco period.

r25403Elysium Ring

NC Rocks works with 18-karat gold, precious gemstones, diamonds and enamels that pop with color. Though the pieces are born from an eclectic inspiration, they are at heart minimalist expressions of a powerful statement.

n32277Byzantia Necklace

With this necklace the mother and daughter dynamic duo have created something spectacular. Sterling silver dipped in white rhodium provides the framework for a pattern of flat and cabochon enamel that culminates in the center of the neck for a regal Byzantine finish. It's stunning, while also classic, destined to be a perennial favorite. Every creation of NC Rocks jewelry contains a statement, which then becomes your statement to make—as your unique story unravels.