The Vivid and Undeniable Power of Rubies

For those born in July under the Cancer sun sign, the beguiling ruby is your astrological stone. While most associate rubies with a fiery red color, they also come in a gorgeous violet hue. An extremely hard stone, only the diamond beats it out in a head to head contest. So, it's not only a stunning choice for jewelry, but also durable for everyday use. Rubies hold strong characteristics and pass them along to those who wear them. If you want to attract success in love, health and wealth, then the ruby is the king of stones. In fact, the Hindus considered the ruby the “King of Gems” for its deep-red intense color believed to protect from evil, attract harmony and provide strength. Tribes across the world also associated the stone with war and victory. People born under the Cancer sign with the Ruby birthstone get the luck of wonderful qualities. They tend to be intuitive, sympathetic, imaginative, wise and nesters. And, of course, passionate! It's that intense color of the ruby that brings it out. Remember the magical slippers that got Dorothy home in the “Wizard of Oz". That's right they were made of rubies. So whatever your sign, if you're off on adventures, dealing with difficulties or just chilling, the ruby is sure to bring you all the courage, vitality, confidence and happiness you need to get successfully “home”.  



The Versilia Necklace by 1884 Collection


Ruby Ear Climbers by Rina Limor


Diamond & Ruby Cristina Earrings by Melissa Kaye