Virgo Glows in Light of Blue Sapphire

Virgo falls under the symbol of the beautiful Maiden and its birthstone is the luminescent blue sapphire. One of the only four precious gemstone family, sapphire, which comes from the Greek word “sappheiros”, actually means precious stone. AUS-4031

20K Hamsa Drop Earrings - Buddha Mama

In all its hues, sapphire is considered a stone of wisdom, royalty and prophecy. These earrings by Buddha Mama definitely have a modern spiritual aura along with their distinctive beauty. CAD-R3

Teal Ring - Neha Dani

With Virgos, waters run deep. They are wise, articulate and witty people. Extremely meticulous, no detail, however small, escapes their watchful eye. That's why they'll appreciate the extraordinary craftsmanship and magnificence of Neha Dani's Teal Ring and its blooming organic shape, incorporating vivid blue sapphires. Print

Storm Mono Earring - RUNA

Sapphire is known to have qualities of  divine favor, an electrifying earring by Runa representing the power of the universe...


Scorpion Necklace - Gaelle Khouri

...or experience the delightful sting of a statement necklace piece by Gaelle Khouri.

MAMOLRGBS-MAHHSBlue Sapphire Medium Lock Pendant Bracelet - Marla Aaron

Since blue is calming and heightens clarity, Virgo's sapphire helps wearers tune into their intuition. Virgos are very nurturing and tenderhearted so they hit the human heartstrings with a bullseye. They bring beauty to the world like Marla Aaron's pendant bracelet, the epitome of modern elegance.


Cascade d'Eden Earrings - NC Rocks

Other qualities blue Sapphire are associated with are structure, accomplishing goals and bringing ideas to life. Exemplifying elegant structure, these NC Rocks multi-colored earrings are a treat of architectural design.

Virgo is lucky to bask in the light of the blue sapphire's intuitive, meditative and creative properties.