Betony Vernon

Mini Gold & Diamond Pav̩e Sado-Chic O-Ring

The O-Ring band is part of the timeless Sado-Chic signature series. Paradise Found collectors appreciate this unique design for its symbolic and aesthetic appeal as well as for its functional purposes. The ball-and-ring mechanism serves to put all of the Paradise Found Attachments literally at your fingertips and ready for attraction! How to Adorn: Attachments imbue the O-Ring and every other jewel in the Sado-Chic Collection with sensual potential. The O-Ring symbolizes the ultimate intimate bond and is often chosen by modern lovers as an alternative to traditional wedding bands

Product Details

Metal Type 18K Gold
Gemstone Diamond
Carat Weight Diamond Pav̩e
Measurements Ring height: 0.6cm
Notes We believe in conscious luxury. Each piece is made-to-order just for you. Please allow 2-4 weeks for delivery. Made-to-order pieces can only be exchanged for store credit.

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