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1884 Collection

Infusing Italian heritage with modern, stylistic designs, 1884 Collection incorporates ancient Roman coins into each of its pieces. Each coin dates back over 2,000 years, withstanding the test of time as it beckons its wearer to continue its story. Founded by sixth-generation Roman jeweler Alberto Petochi, 1884 Collection draws on the legendary work of the Petochi family, who first opened a jewelry shop in Rome in 1884. The Petochi family continues their traditions today.


Caroline Gaspard grew up with a love of gemstones—her mother had a diploma in gemology, earned at the age of 61—and was taught the secrets of precious minerals and metals as a young girl in France by a family friend who worked in the diamond trade. She then went on to study the Greek, Roman and Scandinavian mythologies of gemstones. It’s not a surprise than that Gaspard went on to spin her understanding of and love for gemstones into a jewelry brand in 2007. Enter Akillis. Named for the valorous hero Achilles, Gaspard’s creations are a stamp of independence in a world of established norms, giving physical form to Gaspard’s free spirit and will to live life without convention. Her designs—like gold bullets with diamonds and Cleopatra-esque rings, cuffs and pendants—are bold and daring like her personality. Akillis is crafted in its own workshops to ensure quality remains at the highest level.


Combining her understanding of sensuality with her exploration of the relationship between organic and architectural lines, Ana-Katarina transitioned into jewelry with ease. The NYC based designer works with ethically sourced precious materials, creating wearable art that speaks to the beauty in the exotic and the every day. This duality is inherent in femininity, a key motivator for Ana-Katarina as she raises three daughters. A strong passion for social consciousness is present in each piece. As a member of Ethical Metalsmiths and AGTA (American Gem Trade Association), she passionately supports ethical and sustainable practices in the making of her collections. For the wearer, these striking, sensual accessories transcend the category of fine jewelry; they become stunning personal signatures.

Anfray & Anfray

Alena Anfray creates pieces she refers to as “laid-back luxury”. The deliberate repetition of her last name for the company is an expression of her whole design philosophy. Inspired by duality, she infuses the collection with this concept. The “Inseparable” rings particularly reflect this with their two kinetic overlapping parts. Anfray gently plays with traditional fine jewelry codes while embracing contrasts. Handcrafted in France, the brand only uses responsibly sourced gold and silver as well as conflict-free stone. ANFRAY & ANFRAY’s jewelry conveys an implicit beauty, one that is subtle but powerful.

Anissa Kermiche

Anissa is that rare combination of analytical mind fused with creative soul. Raised in Paris by strict parents, she earned a degree in engineering, but always had the dream to create jewelry. Her rebellious and independent spirit bubbled to the surface and she escaped to pursue jewelry design in London. In her creations, poetry, elegance and sensuality meet geometry, construction and empowerment. Lamps transform to earrings, paintings to textures and sculptures to neckpieces. Provocative, confrontational and irresistible, Anissa’s pieces break convention in original and eclectic compositions that are nothing short of breathtaking, yet radiate kick-ass attitude.


Founded in 2008, AS29 was the groundbreaking brainchild of fourth-generation Belgian diamond dealer Audrey Savransky. Within a year, Audreys feminine, yet edgy designs were gracing runways, red carpets, and boasted stylist Rachel Zoe as one of her early fans. Since its inception, AS29 has found a way to create pieces that are never relegated to eveningwear. Flirty, feminine, but still bold, each collection is approached with a scientific attention to detail, creating looks that place emphasis on luscious curves, stark lines, and sharp angles. Though a little bit rock nroll, each piece is refined enough to allow the wearer to personalize the look by simply adding or stacking AS29 creations with other accessories. Now Audreys designs are seen on celebrities around the world, including iconic model Kate Moss, singers Miley Cyrus, Rhianna, and Rita Ora and actresses Sienna Miller and Celina Jade.

Atelier Bund

All too often the jewelry we wear every day is treated as an afterthought when in fact it is precisely those pieces that deserve the most consideration—they become a second skin and part of our identity. Atelier Bund believes in creating simple, easy to wear pieces with the integrity of craftsmanship and attention to detail that is deserving of being worn every day.

Bea Bongiasca

An award winning Italian designer, Bea Bongiasca devises distinct and individual jewelry for the fashion forward woman. She always had a fascination with East Asia and traveled there to soak up the culture, her personal experiences informing her visual language. Combining her passion for pop culture and western flair, she incorporates all these inspirations for a powerful impact. More than jewelry, her creations are an art form. Bea works out of her studio in Milan conceiving pieces that possess a magical influence through their form and symbolism.

Bee Goddess

Like its name, Bee Goddess jewelry takes inspiration from the fertility, creativity and loving compassion from the Bee Goddess. She is the mother of all Goddesses from Catalhoyuk, the first settlement of the world dating back to 7500 BC. In each designer jewelry collection, Ece Sirin brings together mythological symbols from around the world and across the centuries. Every piece of fine jewelry is infused with archetypal meaning and evokes powers, such as eternal love, wisdom, compassion, happiness, and prosperity. Collectors buy Bee Goddess jewelry because of it's enchanting aesthetic and wear it daily as a talisman symbolizing a woman's inner beauty and strength.

Betony Vernon

With the goal of dismantling the “pleasure taboo,” sexual anthropologist, author, and designer Betony Vernon set out to create jewelry that is both beautiful and functional. Set on empowering men and women to embrace their sexuality and share greater pleasure, Vernon has embraced the medium of jewelry as a means of self-expression. This bold movement to educate others on the power of sex has evolved into an initiative to improve self-esteem, health, and wellbeing, especially in the area of body acceptance. Far beyond a simple expression of sexuality, Vernon’s work seeks to improve the lives of others. Featuring precious metals and stones manipulated into pieces that enhance the sexual experience, through function or aesthetics, each collection is daring, provocative, and boundary defying. 

Carole Le Bris Perez

Although Carole Le Bris Perez is married to renowned artist Enoc Perez, she’s involved in another abiding love affair… with New York City. Her sculptural approach to jewellery, exhibited by irregular shapes, such as her brand signature off-kilter crown motif, recurring theme of lopsided stars, pave diamond settings placed in unexpected formations and iconic Pop artists possess New York’s possibility and magic. Blessed with a charmed head, heart and hands, Carole Le Bris Perez’s magnificent pieces are instantly recognizable yet completely diverse—the work of a master.

Carol Kauffmann

A Brazilian, Carol Kauffmann energizes her jewelry with her passionate and seductive spirit. Her love of contemporary art, history and modern technologies shape her perspective, resulting in pieces that are alive with color and expression. Using 18-karat gold along with a rainbow of different precious stones, Kauffmann’s avant-garde designs draw you in with their personality, style and undeniable sophistication. They are accessories that make a statement and enhance your beautiful essence.

Castro NYC

Castro became fascinated by jewelry when working for a jeweler selling his jewelry on the streets of SOHO. Inspired to try his hand at the craft, he began making his own pieces. Influenced by his shamanistic dreams of animals and their skulls, the outer universe and medieval details, his designs contain animation and charm combined with an Old World, West African feel. Each 3D piece is made from found, common and uncommon objects and materials. His goal is for his jewelry to gain attention—and  foremost communicate a story. 

Cherry Brown

After working as a flower and interior designer, Keiko Ishikawa followed her heart into jewelry. A self-taught artist, she’s influenced by her former professions in her use of flowers and balanced design. Each piece reflects her theme of “creation with joy”. She crafts bangles, necklaces and rings inset with precious stones. Her elegant clusters draw you in to a charming world of equilibrium and tranquility. Delicate by design, they still make a strong statement of grace and culture.


Colette Steckel’s French-Mexican background, with roots in Saint-Germain-des-Prés, and extensive world travels inform her fine jewelry collection, designed to be wearable works of art for every occasion. Launched in 1995, her namesake collection encompassed many of the traits her jewelry still embraces today: completely timeless yet on the edge of contemporary fashion. Steckel’s multi-talents show through each piece—she’s a trained gemologist and a certified graphic designer—and creates stunning earrings, bracelets and pendants that are feminine, eye-catching and edgy all in one go. With a flagship boutique at the prestigious Park Plaza in Mexico City and a retail store and showroom in Los Angeles, Colette infuses her collections with a deep sense of and passion for wanderlust. Her celebrity following includes Madonna, Rihanna, Adriana Lima, Kate Hudson, Jessica Alba and many more.

Completed Works

Based in London and founded by brother and sister team Mark and Anna Jewsbury, Completed Works realizes collections around a political or cultural observation. Themes such as societal collapse, faded civilizations and historical shifts take form in various pieces, such as rings, pendants, necklaces and cuffs. They incorporate the past while celebrating the present and looking to the future. For example, Doric columns are juxtaposed against marble encircled with diamonds and set in 18-karat gold. A fascinating contrast between high quality materials and purist elements, the jewelry is avant-garde, innovative and exquisitely beautiful.

Cosima Bucarelli

Inspired by the art of jewelry, Cosima Bucarelli changed the course of her career to study goldsmithing from top artisans in Rome and Bangkok. After soaking up their knowledge, she embarked on a jewelry journey all her own. Called BUC, her collection possesses a mystical quality. She channels the dreamy surreal world of the cosmos into her pieces. Using precious metals, gems, pearls and enamels, her jewelry is handcrafted in the same workshops as her mentors. From chakras to protective evil eyes and other fascinating creations of the infinite, her jewelry is as transformative as it is enchanting.

Dada Arrigoni

A successful combination of style and personality, design and passion for exclusive and distinctive jewels. Stylist Dada Arrigoni’s biography and the history of the Brand, founded in Italy in 1985, are the manifestation of authentic passion for Jewelry and Fashion, merged in the designer’s capability to create recognizable collections of unique shapes: universal appeal, out of traditional formality, expression of timeless style. The Brand Dada Arrigoni is nowadays established at international level, its creations are available in the best jewelleries and concept stores. The commitment to a continuous stylistic and technological research blends with the finest craftmanship, all rigously Made in Italy. The company meticulously manages and follows every step of the jewel realization: conception, production, distribution and customer care.

Diane Kordas

Diane Kordas started her career in fashion design and you can see how it influenced her jewelry. Simple designs with an air of modern glamour and opulence are her hallmark. Intricately crafted, the collection uses black, white and colored diamonds, along with sapphires and other semi-precious stones, all set in 18-karat gold. Diane Kordas Designs possesses elegance, style and panache. As Kordas says, “I believe jewelry should be both casual and classic – but above all timeless.”


Designer Bendetta Dubini grew up surrounded by art and culture in a theatrical, fashion-forward family. With a grandfather who owned several Roman cinemas in the 1950s and a grandmother who adorned their screens, Bendetta gained a working knowledge of art and culture as a young child that some adults only dream of. As Bendetta grew, her passion for jewelry was born, allowing her to explore new ways to express her creativity. Upon graduating from Central St. Martin’s with a degree in jewelry design, she then went on to fine tune her knowledge at the Gemological Institute of America. Taking her hard-earned knowledge of jewelry design and passion for travel and history Bendetta launched Dubini, seeking new ways to contextualize treasures discovered abroad in a modern way. Seamlessly blending the finest Italian techniques with a modern aesthetic, Dubini pieces are distinctive and feminine, perfect for the contemporary woman.

Eden Presley

The mastermind behind Eden Presley, Gwen Myers creates eye-catching jewelry both distinctive and sophisticated. The collection reflects her love of color and unsurpassed talent in putting together a mesmerizing combination of precious and semi-precious stones. The dynamic pieces pop with vitality and excitement. Set in 14-karat gold, they combine traditional techniques with original modern design for a timeless look that is pure elegance.


Emily Faith, the designer behind EF Collection, uses minimalism and delicacy in her jewelry for powerful impact. While each piece holds its own in understated glamor and elegance, the designs mix, match, layer and stack for stunning combinations of elegance. Emily gravitates towards 14-karat golds handset with diamonds and precious stones, putting her own twist on architectural, geometric and classic forms that straddle contemporary and perennial design. Inspired by everything from art and fashion to travel, nature and friends, she imbues all her pieces with the divine. 

Elena Votsi

Born on the charming island of Hydra, Greece, Elena Votsi finds inspiration in her historic homeland. Romantic and modern, her handmade pieces evoke elegance and sophistication. She lightheartedly refers to her jewelry as “toys”, which are reflections of her love, passion and the universe. Sharp, simple lines and geometric shapes are a hallmark of Votsi’s style. Believing gold is a symbol of power and beauty, she crafts all her jewelry from this precious metal. Her work made modern history when she was asked to redesign the Olympic medals for the 2004 games in Athens.

Elie Top

A creative genius in his own right, Elie Top spent his first years in jewelry design working with some of the industry’s finest minds. He began designing fashion jewelry for Yves Saint Laurent, learning his craft from Loulou de la Falais and creating his first jewelry under Alber Elbaz. Elie and Alber then moved to Lanvin, making couture jewelry relevant again through the perfect combination of tradition and innovation. In 2010, after collaborations with several brands and designers, Elie Top signed the first collection under his own name with Baccarat, and in 2015 he launched his own brand. Elie’s collections showcase a beautiful mix of couture sentiment and fine jewels in otherworldly designs that are at once ancient and futuristic. His pieces are playful and coy, many of them wearable in more than one form, manifesting the innovation and mystery present in all of Elie Top’s designs.

Elizabeth Buenaventura

In designing her jewelry, Elizabeth Buenaventura takes her name very seriously. Translated from Spanish, “Buenaventura” means “good adventure”, and each piece channels this notion. She creates earrings, necklaces and rings meant to be stacked, mixed and matched so the wearer can experiment and play, expressing her individuality and changing moods. Inspired by nature and travel, Buenaventura infuses her jewelry with themes of love, devotion, friendship and joy. She only sources the highest quality eco-friendly materials, including 14-karat recycled gold, along with ethically obtained precious stones, such as colored diamonds, sapphires, rubies and opals. The collection ignites the adventure, creativity and harmony in us all.

Gemfields x MUSE

One of the fine jewelry industry’s premiere showrooms, MUSE provides a platform for exciting emerging and established talent. MUSE has exclusively partnered with Gemfields, the world’s leading producer of responsibly sourced gemstones, to showcase such talented designers as Elena Votsi, Michelle Fantaci, Nikos Koulis and Silvia Furmanovich. Each designer produces a selection of pieces reminiscent of existing signature pieces or collections that incorporate Gemfields’ precious Zambian emeralds and Mozambican rubies, while also highlighting the social and environmental mission of Gemfields. Gemfields X Muse offers a unique capsule collection of the hottest jewelry designers expressing their unique point of view with chic, must-have pieces made in an eco-friendly manner. 

Gold Neilson

Andrew Gold Neilson, the designer behind Gold Nielson, comes to jewelry with an uncommon background, making his pieces distinctive and special. Formerly a Chemical Engineer, he studied the complexity of liquid and material flows with a particular interest in patterns that evolve when metal enters into water. Applying this technique, he creates captivating organic, beaded forms using platinum, stainless steel, and yellow and white gold, hand setting them with white and colored diamonds. They convey a beautiful moment frozen in time. He also weaves metals into fantastical statement pieces. Unusual, chic and supremely elegant.


As a child, designer Sweta Jain was not one to fuss with toys. From the start, she showed interest in exploring precious metals and stones, even accompanying her father into the mines of Africa. As she matured, a love for jewelry design stole her heart, and she headed to the Fashion Institute of Technology to pursue her dreams. In 2007, Jain launched Goshwara, originally a brand that catered to private clients. During this time, Jain worked to deepen her exploration of the many facets of gemstones. Noticing a distinct gap in the market, Jain expended Goshwara into a collection-based brand, offering luxury pieces, each boasting a fun, invigorating twist. Each a celebration of individuality, Goshwara collections seamlessly blend traditional, timeless values with unique and often surprising designs.


A jewelry enthusiast, Houston, Texas native Halleh Amiralai got inspired to craft designs with a modern fashion forward elegance. She traveled to India to learn centuries old techniques from top-level artisans, in particular those working with gold. The history of accessorizing goes back 5,000 years in India, when women began to adorn themselves with precious metals and gems. Considered an art form, jewelry plays an important part in the lives of all Indian women, representing security and prestige. After completing her studies, Halleh came back to the United States to launch her eponymous line, making handmade pieces in 18-karat gold and incorporating gems such as diamonds, sapphires, lapis, Persian turquoise and emeralds. Luxurious, sophisticated and with just the right amount of seasoning to elevate any outfit for any situation.

Harry Kotlar

Harry Kotlar jewelry is known for impeccably cut diamonds and hand-craftsmanship. Established in 1948 as a diamond specialist, Harry Kotlar developed and perfected his signature Kotlar Cushion—a proprietary cut of diamond modeled after the antique cut favored by 19th-century royalty and adapted to maximize its brilliance. Each piece of Harry Kotlar jewelry is fabricated by a team of master artisans who have dedicated their life’s work to the passion of jewelry-making and bears a unique identification number to ensure the piece’s authenticity will stand the test of time.


Born of an admiration for the world around and the inherent sensuality of nature, Heting is a brand synonymous with artful representations of the often ignored. Never cartoonish, but always bright and bold, Heting pieces seek to celebrate the vibrant color and kinetic energy born of Mother Nature. Marrying impeccable design and unparalleled craftsmanship, Heting’s unique creations convey a vibrancy often reserved for life itself. By playing with texture and mixing precious metals with bright precious stones, the designer achieves life-like qualities in each piece. Inspired by fairytales and fables, each Heting series explores and unveils a magical universe rich with soulful celebrations of terrestrial beauty. 


Hueb is one of the few premium jewelry brands with a flagship on Madison Avenue that is founded and built by a matriarch. As a result, the brand’s understanding of what women want to wear is like an unspoken pact that is woven into the fabric of each design. Hueb’s aesthetic reflects its Brazilian heritage—it is unabashed yet refined, precious yet infinitely wearable—in other words, impeccably crafted luxury designed to be worn every day.

IAM by Ileana Makri

Launching her eponymous line in 1996, Greek jewelry designer Ileana Makri quickly became a favorite of both high-end boutiques and celebrities. Both her fine jewelry and IAM fashion jewelry collections are uncompromisingly contemporary and simultaneously timeless. Celebrating undertones of mystical and figurative symbolism and incorporating icons as a source of protection, these gold and gold-plated designs are both meaningful and effortlessly beautiful. 

Ileana Makri

Launching her eponymous line in 1996, Greek jewelry designer Ileana Makri quickly became a favorite of both high-end boutiques and celebrities. Both her fine jewelry and IAM fashion jewelry collections are uncompromisingly contemporary and simultaneously timeless. Celebrating undertones of mystical and figurative symbolism and incorporating icons as a source of protection, these gold and gold-plated designs are both meaningful and effortlessly beautiful. 

Imogen Belfield

British Designer, Imogen Belfield’s work screams primal beauty. She creates fluid forms using precious 18k white, rose and yellow gold and melds it with diamonds, raw gemstones and unexpected chunks of porcelain to convey the gladiatorial, Amazonian and tribal inspirations behind each of her collections. Belfield’s unrestrained, primal-luxe aesthetic is what makes her pieces unique. They are bold, rebellious and unapologetically confident—the perfect armor for an urban, warrior princess.

Jacqueline Cullen

Jacqueline Cullen specializes in Whitby jet jewelry. A prehistoric black fossil 180 million years old, it got its reputation as jewelry for mourning, becoming popular when Queen Victoria wore it after Prince Albert passed. Now mined out, Whitby jet is very rare. Cullen obtains bits of the fossil and uses processes and formats to celebrate the inherent flaws and inclusions, revealing its natural loveliness and removing the connotations of death and grief. Cullen is drawn to dramatic acts of nature, such as a placid sky ripped open by a slash of lightening, a volcano spewing lava or a cliff edge jagged from erosion. She believes acts of immense destruction can create beauty. Within her collection she achieves a luxurious cascade of Whitby jet jewelry shining with textured gold, glittering with diamonds and spreading joy.

Jade Jagger

Visionary Jade Jagger began her career as a fine artist before applying her colorful, bohemian aesthetic to fine jewelry. Baroque carved gemstones, constellations of diamonds, pavé disco balls and precious metal skulls are just a few motifs that reoccur throughout Jagger’s unique collections. Dividing her time between London and India, she takes inspiration from traditional Indian materials and reworks them for the contemporary customer. 

Jennie Kwon Designs

Jennie Kwon may have come to jewelry design later in life, but she has always been an artist. She grew up as a classical violinist, studying with masters of the craft and performing at Carnegie Hall. Just as her music career was soaring, she changed gears and become a lawyer. It wasn’t until her twins were born that her creativity was reawakened and she felt drawn back to the arts. While on maternity leave, she began re-exploring her creativity, finding a new outlet in jewelry making. Jennie’s designs are meticulous and minimalist, each piece one that she would love to wear. Her jewelry is often tiny but mighty, with intricate designs featured in even the smallest of pieces. She is inspired by the everyday stuff of life that surrounds her – the artistry, beauty and style of the people and things she encounters daily. Jennie Kwon Designs has earned praise from publications the likes of Elle, Harper’s Bazaar, InStyle, Glamour and Lucky.

Joelle Jewellery

Joelle Savransky blends new style with old-world sophistication in her eponymous jewelry line, Joelle Jewelry, started in 2013. It’s no surprise her gem of choice is a diamond; as a child, she studied rough diamonds with her father. These gemstones were not only a longtime family passion, Savransky came from a long line of diamond dealers. Initially, though, Savransky started her career in fashion at the Royal Academy of Antwerp. After several years, she mixed her talent as a fashionista with her heritage and began her sparkly collection from an studio in her native city, Antwerp. Her collection embodies this history—it’s full of beautiful classic diamonds designed with a fashion edge turning them into sparkling sculptures. Minimalism and delicacy shine through in her pieces, which are available in 25 countries around the world. Her work can be seen in Vogue, Elle, and on international stars like Madonna and Katy Perry

Katherine Jetter

Born in Melbourne, Australia, Katherine Jetter exhibited her creativity early on when she received the top International Baccalaureate Art Prize for the Northern Hemisphere in 2001. Her parents were so proud they gave her a lovely, petite Australian opal as a gift, for which Jetter created the setting. Although she now resides in New Mexico, Jetter retains a special affection for the stone of her homeland. Inspired by the fiery opal as well as the expansive vistas of her new home, she combines opals and other precious stones with 18-karat gold into extraordinary pieces that are refined and sophisticated, yet make a beautiful statement.

Kavant & Sharart

Established by real life couple Nuttapon (Kenny) & Shar-linn, Kavant & Sharart weaves the opposing styles of each into a magnificent new genre. While Kenny leans towards an avant-garde, organic style, Shar-linn has a fascination with the Art Deco period and Oriental arts. Their contrast in design inspirations flows into a natural juxtaposition of geometric lines and subtle curves. The two are very hands-on, handling each jewel and working closely with the in-house workshops of local Thai artisans, including setters, jewelers, engravers, polishers and lapidaries. For the individualistic woman who sees her jewelry as an extension of herself, Kavant & Sharart offers the opportunity of discovery.

KC Sukamto

Before turning to jewelry, Sukamto honed her design prowess and knowledge as a fashion stylist in London and New York City. Her multinational upbringing including Indonesian, French, Filipino, and Chinese heritage inspire her aesthetic. Sukamto finds beauty in the imperfect, and her work reflects this philosophy. She gravitates towards colorful gems, especially the glorious emerald, as it is close to her heart. Her father gave it to her mother when they were dating, and now she wears it on a necklace. Additionally, the emerald, a soft gem, has imperfections in even the finest stones. Sukamto only uses the highest quality materials and natural gemstones, including Australian opals, Tahitian pearls and Thai sapphires and rubies. Uncommon and elegant, Sukamto pieces radiate glamour with cosmopolitan spice.

LJ Cross

In the name of founder Lisa Jackson’s company, the major theme is revealed. Jackson adores the cross and much of her jewelry plays with different ways of expressing the powerful symbol. In addition, she makes earrings, rings and necklaces. Streamlined and fashion-driven, her designs are elegant and sophisticated, drawing you in slowly. Pieces are crafted in rose, white and yellow gold and highlighted with white diamonds, pearls and other precious stones. Her minimalist style makes a bold, feminine statement.

Marie Mas

It’s only natural that Marie Cabirou’s first showing of her own brand would be groundbreaking. With education from the École Duperré and IFM, and training in jewelry design from Florence Croisier, Shourouk and Raf Simons of Christian Dior, she was set up for meteoric success. The name of her jewelry line, Marie Mas, is a nod to her grandmother Henriette Mas, who inspired Marie’s love of beauty and creation. Marie’s first collection, Swinging Stones, is a true labor of love for this revolutionary designer. Inspired by Christmas Tree Worms, vibrant and alive with fluid movement, she encountered in her ocean diving, Marie has sought to bring the magic of poetic movement to her designs. Marie and a team of artisans spent a year developing the now-patented technique that allows each piece to swivel effortlessly between two different colored stones. She travels to India to find the finest quality jewels and most talented craftsmen to bring her innovative jewelry to life.


Maral Artinian, the designer behind MARLI, is the daughter of an Armenian retail jeweler and diamond wholesaler. With jewelry in her DNA, she first worked in sales, traveling three continents. However, Maral was ultimately a creative soul and gravitated towards design. In her playful and innovative pieces she empowers women to express their uniqueness with contemporary, distinctive jewels rooted in minimalism and sophistication. Inspired by travel, architecture and fashion, Maral now lives in New York City, where she is energized by the excitement and enthusiasm of the fashion capital of the world.


Born to a seamstress in Montego Bay, Jamaica, Matthew “Mateo” Harris moved to the United States to study when he was 16. The Big Apple stole his heart and unlocked his passion for the art of jewelry and fashion design. Inspired by his adopted city, and architects and artists such as Normand Foster and Grace Jones, Mateo also draws upon childhood memories in Jamaica. But, he credits his mother as his true muse. His jewelry presents a minimalistic, modern aesthetic with lines and structural forms that dance together with purity and precision. Sleek, never simple, and always visually arresting.

Nadine Aysoy

Inspired by the beauty of nature, various forms of art and precious stones, Nadine Aysoy’s jewelry may seem traditional at first glance. From afar, their heirloom-like qualities shine, but upon closer inspection, these extravagant pieces take on new life. Nadine’s keen eye for modern trends is apparent in each of her bracelets, earrings, necklaces, and rings, adding a contemporary, earthen twist to classic jewelry designs. Using only natural gems with a heavy focus on diamond color, cut, and clarity, Aysoy brings representations of natural wonders to life. Her Tsarina collection, featuring unique snowflake patterns is a prime example of her ability to manipulate precious metals and stones in painstakingly intricate ways. As a result of the collection’s success, frost crystal became a symbol of the company’s uniqueness and originality.

NC Rocks

Based in Dubai, NC Rocks was founded by Nadine Hammoud and Cherine Altobaishi. Their jewelry is a multi-generational story beginning with a grandmother’s fascination with adornment passing down to daughter and granddaughter. A true collaboration of both Hammoud and Altobaishi’s globe spanning experiences, each piece contains a story too. Their creations recall artists such as Al Held, Picasso and Kandisky, while also honoring the stylized ornamentation of Art Deco, fashion of the 30-50’s and the vibe of the 70’s. Working with 18-karat gold, precious gemstones, diamonds and vibrant enamels, they distill their eclectic inspirations into minimalist motifs designed to make a statement. Your statement. Because the story continues with you. 

Nora Kogan

A master of encapsulating the magic, beauty, and power that lives within, designer Nora Kogan’s jewelry reflects her endless curiosity and sense of adventure. The NYC-based designer uses recycled fine metals and ethically sourced gems to breathe new life into flora, fauna, and ancient symbols. With a deep understanding of beauty, femininity, and its inherent power, Kogan’s luminous bracelets, rings, and necklaces bring inner-beauty to the surface. The wearer ultimately feels radiant, gaining empowerment through these edgy, yet accessible designs. Kogan draws on her wide travels, her dreams, and her deep understanding of the relationship between precious metals and stones to fashion pieces that feel timeless yet contemporary at once.

Paige Novick

Paige Novick subscribes to author Anais Nin’s proclamation, “The ordinary life does not interest me.” Her jewelry, therefore, reflects her desire to be extraordinary. Designed with a minimalist aesthetic, her pieces possess a sophistication that’s both playful and unexpected, while bridging the gap between timeless and modern. With her jewelry, she strives to inspire a life of beauty, empowerment and spontaneity. Novick believes today’s woman transcends labels and that’s why she creates accessories that do too.

Roule & Co

Founded by husband and wife design team Christopher Roule and Laurin Lucaire, Roule & Company has taken jewelry industry on a bold excursion into the future. Each Roule & Company piece effortlessly combines linear simplicity and kinetic movement, creating an almost ethereal look and feel. The use of emeralds, rubies, sapphires, diamonds, and more add surprising dimension to the pieces, which tend to come to life when worn. The trademark wireform technique used to create the designers’ signature latticework has been perfected in recent years. Combining Mr. Roule’s mastery of geometric shapes with Ms. Lucaire’s bold, yet feminine sensibility, Roule & Company’s pieces are strong, modern, and highly collectable.  


A fashion and fine jewelry line founded by Rachel Shaw, Ruifier explores different aspects of Rachel’s inspiration: from her love of graphic urban and natural shapes experienced in her worldwide travels to the expressive faces of her loved ones, particularly her dog, Taiki. The name Ruifier is derived from the old English word ‘Reify’, meaning to create a tangible object from an abstract idea. From the transition of inspiration to reality, each Ruifier piece tells a story with Rachel’s masterful craftsmanship, attention to detail and choice of conflict-free stones. She designs pieces that can be adapted, interlocked and worn in different ways for a unique composition, turning each wearer into their own storyteller.


Founded by Lilya Areifulina, the Moscow-based Runa gets its name from an ancient alphabet whose elements were the key to unlocking profound meaning and personal codes. Like the runes the name references, Areifulina creates jewelry filled with a zest and appreciation of history for those who value individualism. Her accessories fill the wearer with energy and become talismans. Areifulina references traveling, cinema, architecture and art, along with legends and heritage, to give life to her jewelry. Applying cutting-edge craftsmanship with avant-garde design, she makes pieces—many of them one-of-a-kind—that are sophisticated with a playful edge.

Sabine Getty

Jewelry designer Sabine Getty has an eye for color, geometry, and movement that one would expect from a member of the Getty family. Crafted in a Florentine atelier, each piece in her colorful jewelry collections draw inspiration from her dazzling world. Utilizing electric shades of multi-colored topaz, Sabine Getty jewelry is for bold, modern women who aren't afraid of a little extra attention.


Australian born and world-traveled, Scosha Woolridge’s career in jewelry design has taken her from the craft markets of Brazil to the boroughs of Williamsburg, New York, where the flagship store of her eponymous jewelry line, SCOSHA, now resides. Inspired by travels in the Middle East, North Africa, South Asia and South America, Scosha’s jewelry is playful and elegant, each design clearly influenced by her love of cultural creativity and diversity. Her gold and sterling silver rings, earrings, bracelets and necklaces often feature colorful and uniquely shaped gems, adding a hint of magic and majesty to her designs. Each piece is handcrafted combining new technologies with ancient techniques for metalsmithing, stone setting and weaving. SCOSHA is committed to environmentally sustainable and local production, with most of the jewelry produced at their atelier in Williamsburg.

Selin Kent

Incorporating clean lines, architectural forms and simplified shapes, the work of New York-based Selin Kent has a refined and modern aesthetic combined with an infectious playfulness. Influenced by the cities she has lived in—including Vienna, Paris, Istanbul and New York—the Turkish designer achieves elegance and balance in design through a careful study of geometry and proportion. These understated yet striking staples are crafted from responsibly sourced precious metal and stones, ensuring a commitment to the highest quality of craftsmanship as well as minimal environmental impact. 


Shay jewelry is a collaboration between Los Angeles-based mother and daughter team Ladan and Tania Shayan. Handmade using diamonds and precious gemstones set in 18-karat gold and platinum, the pieces are inspired by cutting-edge fashion, international travel and Southern California laid­back elegance. They are characterized by an edgy approach to geometry, delicate creations with high impact and modernized Victorian history and Art Deco designs. Shay concepts their collection as a jewelry wardrobe, meant to be stacked, layered and mixed-and-matched to suit any occasion. What makes Shay stand out is its perspective from two generations coalescing into an exceptional vision appropriate for every woman.


A multi-talented artist, Ann Spence discovered her gifts when she was a child making necklaces and jewelry. As an adult she took a detour into other artistic pursuits, such as writing and painting portraits of children. Yet, she continued crafting jewelry as a hobby. Increasing demand for her jewelry led her to found She Bee in 2011. Her pieces, influenced by her love of folk art and classic shapes, burst with color and give a sense of play when accessorizing. She uses rainbow sapphires and colored topaz set on foil in sterling silver with 14-karat gold and rhodium accents, resulting in dramatic accessories of distinction.

Silvia Furmanovich

Born to a goldsmith who set up his atelier in their home, Brazilian designer Silvia Furmanovich has jewelry in her blood. It’s no surprise she counts gold as one of her inspirations, combining it with materials such as ivory, coral, turquoise, woods and precious stones, in original and surprising designs. Singular, sophisticated and truly divine, her work is supremely elegant yet pops with personality. Each piece tells a fragment of Furmanovich’s story that you get to continue with your own adventures once you put it on.

Stephen Webster

In a career spanning four decades, Stephen Webster creates distinct, bold pieces that celebrate often-overlooked beauty in the everyday. From iconography to wildlife, literature, pop culture, and even the animal kingdom, Stephen Webster’s jewelry uncovers symbolism hidden in plain sight. Direct and bold, but never cartoonish, Webster’s pieces have earned him a reputation as one of the international scene’s most accomplished and exciting designers. In addition to his commitment to innovative design, throughout his career, Webster has shown a whole-hearted dedication to using ethically sourced materials. As one of the first jewelers in the world to achieve a Fair Trade Gold License, all of Webster’s creations are guaranteed to benefit the miners sourcing the precious metals and stones he uses. Combining beautiful design and impeccable global practices, Stephen Webster has proven himself a truly unique jewelry designer with a sense of global mindfulness evident in every piece.


Created by Suejin Lee, Suel is playful, yet sophisticated, simple yet romantic, bold yet delicate. This Fashion Institute of Technology graduate started her company in Korea in 2005, and each new collection continues to combine diamonds and gold with geometric shapes to convey a strong, minimal sense of simplicity and sophistication.


Inspired by special pieces that could be passed on from generation to generation, founder Suneera Swarup launched her jewelry line in 2010. Propelled by her passion for design, daughter Ana brought her eclectic fashion sense to the company in 2014. Using a layered approach, each piece from the duo is handmade in their Los Angeles-based studio. Understated yet elegant, every collection shows a love affair with rose-cut diamonds, emeralds and Australian opals.

Sydney Evan

Founded by LA-based jewelry designer Rosanne Karmes in 2001, Sydney Evan jewelry is known for reinventing fine jewelry to be playful and super-wearable for every day. Sydney Evan charm necklaces and charm bracelets are an elevated twist on the personalized charm jewelry that every woman grew up coveting. Each piece celebrates the uniqueness of our lives, with strong roots in family, protection, love, luck, and good fortune. In 2012, Shy by Sydney Evan was launched, expanding offerings to include a collection of delicate pieces in 14k gold over sterling, inspired by longtime Sydney Evan classics. These bright pieces provide an exciting new dimension to this iconic brand. 

The Swoonery Atelier

In an industry rooted in relationships and trust, Swoonery’s founder and CEO, Jean Z. Poh, builds upon her family’s multi-generational legacy and draws from her own expertise to make the most exceptional gemstones and rarest colored diamonds available to you through The Swoonery Atelier. Each center stone in our collection is obtained from trusted sources and certified by the premier gemological authorities to ensure the value of your purchase. These one-of-a-kind pieces are available immediately for purchase and can be sized to your specifications. For inquiries about colored diamonds and gems, or to commission a custom piece, please email


Inspired by images of fists clutching pencils in protest, this socially conscious jewelry collection by Beverly Hills-based Israeli jewelry designer, Tzuri, has transformed the world’s best-known symbol of expression into exquisite pieces of jewelry that champion self-expression and provide education to children around the world. A portion of all proceeds is donated to Pencils of Promise, a for-purpose organization that works across the globe to build schools and create programs around the goal of education for all. Most noted for the iconic Expression Collection signature pencil bracelets for men and women, Tzuri remains steadfast to the brand’s commitment to urge self-discovery through expression.


Having launched Vale more than a decade ago, twin sisters Eva Bai and Ava Bai have taken the jewelry industry by storm. Using only ethically sourced materials, Vale derives exquisite beauty from uncommon elements including recycled gold and responsibly-mined diamonds and gemstones. Collections include a wide array of pieces, from delicate, yet luxurious bracelets and necklaces to glamorous rings, alive with eye-catching color and shine. Now a go-to for engagement rings and wedding bands, their exploration of uncommon gemstones and shared passion for what makes each stone unique attracts brides looking for elegant pieces with a personal feel. From bold statement rings to understated everyday favorites, Vale’s jewelry celebrates the spectrum of feminine style. Frequently spotted on A-list celebrities including, Sarah Jessica Parker, Lena Dunham, and Miranda Kerr, and with features in Vogue, Refinery29 and Martha Stewart Weddings, Vale’s designs are poised to become one of the most iconic accessory brands of our time.


As an international model in New York, London and Paris modeling for fine jewelry brands, Vania Leles developed an eye for the extraordinary and unique. Her passion for precious metals and stones took her to the world-renowned Gemological Institute of America where she honed her skills alongside industry leaders. Following graduation, Vania held positions at leading institutions including Graff Diamonds, De Beers, and Sotheby’s. In 2011, Vania launched Vanleles Diamonds, a brand that combined her passion for exquisite jewelry with her heart for ethical practices and sustainable sources. Vania remains personally involved with sourcing the precious stones used in her pieces. Vanleles creations are ultra-feminine with an artistic sensibility achieved through remarkable craftsmanship.

Wendy Yue

At a young age, Hong Kong native, Wendy Yue began the extensive travels that would eventually inspire her jewelry designs. Drawing from memories of her encounters with nature’s wild beauty, Wendy’s fascination with exotic landscapes and wildlife shaped her opulent aesthetic. One glimpse at her otherworldly designs, intricately sculpted and covered in precious stones, transports the beholder through time and space into the heart of Wendy’s imagination. Capturing her dreams and memories in her creations, Wendy sees jewelry as timeless pieces of art to be passed down through generations, giving a sense of eternity to her expeditions and discoveries. Many of her pieces are one of a kind, and all of her work is brilliantly unique. Each piece tells a story, each design, an attempt to harness nature’s endless energy and matchless mystery.