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Caroline Gaspard grew up with a love of gemstones—her mother had a diploma in gemology, earned at the age of 61—and was taught the secrets of precious minerals and metals as a young girl in France by a family friend who worked in the diamond trade. She then went on to study the Greek, Roman and Scandinavian mythologies of gemstones. It’s not a surprise than that Gaspard went on to spin her understanding of and love for gemstones into a jewelry brand in 2007. Enter Akillis. Named for the valorous hero Achilles, Gaspard’s creations are a stamp of independence in a world of established norms, giving physical form to Gaspard’s free spirit and will to live life without convention. Her designs—like gold bullets with diamonds and Cleopatra-esque rings, cuffs and pendants—are bold and daring like her personality. Akillis is crafted in its own workshops to ensure quality remains at the highest level.


Combining her understanding of sensuality with her exploration of the relationship between organic and architectural lines, Ana-Katarina transitioned into jewelry with ease. The NYC based designer works with ethically sourced precious materials, creating wearable art that speaks to the beauty in the exotic and the every day. This duality is inherent in femininity, a key motivator for Ana-Katarina as she raises three daughters. A strong passion for social consciousness is present in each piece. As a member of Ethical Metalsmiths and AGTA (American Gem Trade Association), she passionately supports ethical and sustainable practices in the making of her collections. For the wearer, these striking, sensual accessories transcend the category of fine jewelry; they become stunning personal signatures.

Anfray & Anfray

Alena Anfray creates pieces she refers to as “laid-back luxury”. The deliberate repetition of her last name for the company is an expression of her whole design philosophy. Inspired by duality, she infuses the collection with this concept. The “Inseparable” rings particularly reflect this with their two kinetic overlapping parts. Anfray gently plays with traditional fine jewelry codes while embracing contrasts. Handcrafted in France, the brand only uses responsibly sourced gold and silver as well as conflict-free stone. ANFRAY & ANFRAY’s jewelry conveys an implicit beauty, one that is subtle but powerful.

Anissa Kermiche

Anissa is that rare combination of analytical mind fused with creative soul. Raised in Paris by strict parents, she earned a degree in engineering, but always had the dream to create jewelry. Her rebellious and independent spirit bubbled to the surface and she escaped to pursue jewelry design in London. In her creations, poetry, elegance and sensuality meet geometry, construction and empowerment. Lamps transform to earrings, paintings to textures and sculptures to neckpieces. Provocative, confrontational and irresistible, Anissa’s pieces break convention in original and eclectic compositions that are nothing short of breathtaking, yet radiate kick-ass attitude.

Atelier Bund

All too often the jewelry we wear every day is treated as an afterthought when in fact it is precisely those pieces that deserve the most consideration—they become a second skin and part of our identity. Atelier Bund believes in creating simple, easy to wear pieces with the integrity of craftsmanship and attention to detail that is deserving of being worn every day.