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Bea Bongiasca

An award winning Italian designer, Bea Bongiasca devises distinct and individual jewelry for the fashion forward woman. She always had a fascination with East Asia and traveled there to soak up the culture, her personal experiences informing her visual language. Combining her passion for pop culture and western flair, she incorporates all these inspirations for a powerful impact. More than jewelry, her creations are an art form. Bea works out of her studio in Milan conceiving pieces that possess a magical influence through their form and symbolism.

Bee Goddess

Like its name, Bee Goddess takes inspiration from the fertility, creativity and loving compassion from the Bee Goddess. She is the mother of all Goddesses from Catalhoyuk, the first settlement of the world dating back to 7500 BC. In each collection, Ece Sirin brings together mythological symbols from around the world and across the centuries. Every piece is infused with archetypal meaning and evokes powers, such as eternal love, wisdom, compassion, happiness and prosperity. Bee Goddess jewelry is not only enchanting and magical but also brings out both inner and outer beauty.

Betony Vernon

With the goal of dismantling the “pleasure taboo,” sexual anthropologist, author, and designer Betony Vernon set out to create jewelry that is both beautiful and functional. Set on empowering men and women to embrace their sexuality and share greater pleasure, Vernon has embraced the medium of jewelry as a means of self-expression. This bold movement to educate others on the power of sex has evolved into an initiative to improve self-esteem, health, and wellbeing, especially in the area of body acceptance. Far beyond a simple expression of sexuality, Vernon’s work seeks to improve the lives of others. Featuring precious metals and stones manipulated into pieces that enhance the sexual experience, through function or aesthetics, each collection is daring, provocative, and boundary defying. 


Inspired by the art of jewelry, Cosima Bucarelli changed the course of her career to study goldsmithing from top artisans in Rome and Bangkok. After soaking up their knowledge, she embarked on a jewelry journey all her own. Called BUC, her collection possesses a mystical quality. She channels the dreamy surreal world of the cosmos into her pieces. Using precious metals, gems, pearls and enamels, her jewelry is handcrafted in the same workshops as her mentors. From chakras to protective evil eyes and other fascinating creations of the infinite, her jewelry is as transformative as it is enchanting.

Buddha Mama

Buddha Mama is handmade jewelry influenced by Buddhism and Eastern traditions. The collection is rooted in the philosophy of contribution. Looking for a way to raise funds for her local Buddhist Center, founder Nancy Badia began making and selling bracelets at her kitchen table in order to contribute profits from their sale. Many years and collections later, the company has evolved into an exquisite fine jewelry line. Working with one of her daughters, jewelry designer Dakota Badia, Buddha Mama continues to expand its designs. Close friends and family help run the company, making the business feel more like a family gathering. Buddha Mama continues to give back proceeds from sales to Tibet House and Kristi House, and will continue to assist those in need as opportunities arise.