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Carole Le Bris Perez

Although Carole Le Bris Perez is married to renowned artist Enoc Perez, she’s involved in another abiding love affair… with New York City. Her sculptural approach to jewellery, exhibited by irregular shapes, such as her brand signature off-kilter crown motif, recurring theme of lopsided stars, pave diamond settings placed in unexpected formations and iconic Pop artists possess New York’s possibility and magic. Blessed with a charmed head, heart and hands, Carole Le Bris Perez’s magnificent pieces are instantly recognizable yet completely diverse—the work of a master.

Carol Kauffmann

A Brazilian, Carol Kauffmann energizes her jewelry with her passionate and seductive spirit. Her love of contemporary art, history and modern technologies shape her perspective, resulting in pieces that are alive with color and expression. Using 18-karat gold along with a rainbow of different precious stones, Kauffmann’s avant-garde designs draw you in with their personality, style and undeniable sophistication. They are accessories that make a statement and enhance your beautiful essence.

Castro NYC

Castro became fascinated by jewelry when working for a jeweler selling his jewelry on the streets of SOHO. Inspired to try his hand at the craft, he began making his own pieces. Influenced by his shamanistic dreams of animals and their skulls, the outer universe and medieval details, his designs contain animation and charm combined with an Old World, West African feel. Each 3D piece is made from found, common and uncommon objects and materials. His goal is for his jewelry to gain attention—and  foremost communicate a story. 

Cherry Brown

After working as a flower and interior designer, Keiko Ishikawa followed her heart into jewelry. A self-taught artist, she’s influenced by her former professions in her use of flowers and balanced design. Each piece reflects her theme of “creation with joy”. She crafts bangles, necklaces and rings inset with precious stones. Her elegant clusters draw you in to a charming world of equilibrium and tranquility. Delicate by design, they still make a strong statement of grace and culture.


Colette Steckel’s French-Mexican background, with roots in Saint-Germain-des-Prés, and extensive world travels inform her fine jewelry collection, designed to be wearable works of art for every occasion. Launched in 1995, her namesake collection encompassed many of the traits her jewelry still embraces today: completely timeless yet on the edge of contemporary fashion. Steckel’s multi-talents show through each piece—she’s a trained gemologist and a certified graphic designer—and creates stunning earrings, bracelets and pendants that are feminine, eye-catching and edgy all in one go. With a flagship boutique at the prestigious Park Plaza in Mexico City and a retail store and showroom in Los Angeles, Colette infuses her collections with a deep sense of and passion for wanderlust. Her celebrity following includes Madonna, Rihanna, Adriana Lima, Kate Hudson, Jessica Alba and many more.

Completed Works

Based in London and founded by brother and sister team Mark and Anna Jewsbury, Completed Works realizes collections around a political or cultural observation. Themes such as societal collapse, faded civilizations and historical shifts take form in various pieces, such as rings, pendants, necklaces and cuffs. They incorporate the past while celebrating the present and looking to the future. For example, Doric columns are juxtaposed against marble encircled with diamonds and set in 18-karat gold. A fascinating contrast between high quality materials and purist elements, the jewelry is avant-garde, innovative and exquisitely beautiful.

Cosima Bucarelli

Inspired by the art of jewelry, Cosima Bucarelli changed the course of her career to study goldsmithing from top artisans in Rome and Bangkok. After soaking up their knowledge, she embarked on a jewelry journey all her own. Called BUC, her collection possesses a mystical quality. She channels the dreamy surreal world of the cosmos into her pieces. Using precious metals, gems, pearls and enamels, her jewelry is handcrafted in the same workshops as her mentors. From chakras to protective evil eyes and other fascinating creations of the infinite, her jewelry is as transformative as it is enchanting.