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Gemfields x MUSE

One of the fine jewelry industry’s premiere showrooms, MUSE provides a platform for exciting emerging and established talent. MUSE has exclusively partnered with Gemfields, the world’s leading producer of responsibly sourced gemstones, to showcase such talented designers as Elena Votsi, Michelle Fantaci, Nikos Koulis and Silvia Furmanovich. Each designer produces a selection of pieces reminiscent of existing signature pieces or collections that incorporate Gemfields’ precious Zambian emeralds and Mozambican rubies, while also highlighting the social and environmental mission of Gemfields. Gemfields X Muse offers a unique capsule collection of the hottest jewelry designers expressing their unique point of view with chic, must-have pieces made in an eco-friendly manner. 

Gold Neilson

Andrew Gold Neilson, the designer behind Gold Nielson, comes to jewelry with an uncommon background, making his pieces distinctive and special. Formerly a Chemical Engineer, he studied the complexity of liquid and material flows with a particular interest in patterns that evolve when metal enters into water. Applying this technique, he creates captivating organic, beaded forms using platinum, stainless steel, and yellow and white gold, hand setting them with white and colored diamonds. They convey a beautiful moment frozen in time. He also weaves metals into fantastical statement pieces. Unusual, chic and supremely elegant.


As a child, designer Sweta Jain was not one to fuss with toys. From the start, she showed interest in exploring precious metals and stones, even accompanying her father into the mines of Africa. As she matured, a love for jewelry design stole her heart, and she headed to the Fashion Institute of Technology to pursue her dreams. In 2007, Jain launched Goshwara, originally a brand that catered to private clients. During this time, Jain worked to deepen her exploration of the many facets of gemstones. Noticing a distinct gap in the market, Jain expended Goshwara into a collection-based brand, offering luxury pieces, each boasting a fun, invigorating twist. Each a celebration of individuality, Goshwara collections seamlessly blend traditional, timeless values with unique and often surprising designs.


A latecomer to the world of jewelry design, Gurhan only discovered his passion for work with pure gold when he was 40. Immediately attracted to its warmth and sensuality, he was drawn to the challenge of working with such a soft, heavy and expensive metal, despite the warnings of current designers. Over time, Gurhan educated himself on the earliest techniques of goldsmiths, dating back 7,000 years. By studying their examples, he learned their secrets, and wanted to share them with the world. It became his passion to perpetuate the legacy of these ancient craftsmen by designing distinctive pieces for today’s woman. Gurhan’s designs are driven by the combined need for purity and performance. Each piece must achieve beauty, strength, lightness, and affordability. With these standards driving his process, Gurhan is a unique designer who makes the highest quality jewelry accessible to the modern woman.