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A jewelry enthusiast, Houston, Texas native Halleh Amiralai got inspired to craft designs with a modern fashion forward elegance. She traveled to India to learn centuries old techniques from top-level artisans, in particular those working with gold. The history of accessorizing goes back 5,000 years in India, when women began to adorn themselves with precious metals and gems. Considered an art form, jewelry plays an important part in the lives of all Indian women, representing security and prestige. After completing her studies, Halleh came back to the United States to launch her eponymous line, making handmade pieces in 18-karat gold and incorporating gems such as diamonds, sapphires, lapis, Persian turquoise and emeralds. Luxurious, sophisticated and with just the right amount of seasoning to elevate any outfit for any situation.

Harry Kotlar

Harry Kotlar jewelry is known for impeccably cut diamonds and hand-craftsmanship. Established in 1948 as a diamond specialist, Harry Kotlar developed and perfected his signature Kotlar Cushion—a proprietary cut of diamond modeled after the antique cut favored by 19th-century royalty and adapted to maximize its brilliance. Each piece of Harry Kotlar jewelry is fabricated by a team of master artisans who have dedicated their life’s work to the passion of jewelry-making and bears a unique identification number to ensure the piece’s authenticity will stand the test of time.


Born of an admiration for the world around and the inherent sensuality of nature, Heting is a brand synonymous with artful representations of the often ignored. Never cartoonish, but always bright and bold, Heting pieces seek to celebrate the vibrant color and kinetic energy born of Mother Nature. Marrying impeccable design and unparalleled craftsmanship, Heting’s unique creations convey a vibrancy often reserved for life itself. By playing with texture and mixing precious metals with bright precious stones, the designer achieves life-like qualities in each piece. Inspired by fairytales and fables, each Heting series explores and unveils a magical universe rich with soulful celebrations of terrestrial beauty. 


Hueb is one of the few premium jewelry brands with a flagship on Madison Avenue that is founded and built by a matriarch. As a result, the brand’s understanding of what women want to wear is like an unspoken pact that is woven into the fabric of each design. Hueb’s aesthetic reflects its Brazilian heritage—it is unabashed yet refined, precious yet infinitely wearable—in other words, impeccably crafted luxury designed to be worn every day.