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Jacqueline Cullen

Jacqueline Cullen specializes in Whitby jet jewelry. A prehistoric black fossil 180 million years old, it got its reputation as jewelry for mourning, becoming popular when Queen Victoria wore it after Prince Albert passed. Now mined out, Whitby jet is very rare. Cullen obtains bits of the fossil and uses processes and formats to celebrate the inherent flaws and inclusions, revealing its natural loveliness and removing the connotations of death and grief. Cullen is drawn to dramatic acts of nature, such as a placid sky ripped open by a slash of lightening, a volcano spewing lava or a cliff edge jagged from erosion. She believes acts of immense destruction can create beauty. Within her collection she achieves a luxurious cascade of Whitby jet jewelry shining with textured gold, glittering with diamonds and spreading joy.

Jade Jagger

Visionary Jade Jagger began her career as a fine artist before applying her colorful, bohemian aesthetic to fine jewelry. Baroque carved gemstones, constellations of diamonds, pavé disco balls and precious metal skulls are just a few motifs that reoccur throughout Jagger’s unique collections. Dividing her time between London and India, she takes inspiration from traditional Indian materials and reworks them for the contemporary customer. 

Jane Taylor

Founded by designer Jane Taylor, the eponymous brand encompasses the spirit of Taylor, an on-the-go woman. The jewelry is fun, elegant and created to be worn every day. In fact, the “totally everyday” concept defines the company. Bright and lively, the jewelry incorporates vibrant stones that give off a positive energy. As Taylor’s daughter and business partner, Cleo says, “We want our customers to feel like their best versions of themselves when wearing our creations, and to wear them often!” Subscribing to family, form and function as their motto, the collections are dedicated to sharing love, beautiful design and heirloom quality craftsmanship.

Joelle Jewellery

Joelle Savransky blends new style with old-world sophistication in her eponymous jewelry line, Joelle Jewelry, started in 2013. It’s no surprise her gem of choice is a diamond; as a child, she studied rough diamonds with her father. These gemstones were not only a longtime family passion, Savransky came from a long line of diamond dealers. Initially, though, Savransky started her career in fashion at the Royal Academy of Antwerp. After several years, she mixed her talent as a fashionista with her heritage and began her sparkly collection from an studio in her native city, Antwerp. Her collection embodies this history—it’s full of beautiful classic diamonds designed with a fashion edge turning them into sparkling sculptures. Minimalism and delicacy shine through in her pieces, which are available in 25 countries around the world. Her work can be seen in Vogue, Elle, and on international stars like Madonna and Katy Perry