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Vladamir Markin designs jewelry that is nothing short of breathtaking. Giving motion to an otherwise static art form, he transforms jewelry into poetry. His high-tech kinetic pieces create an unceasing wonder for their craftsmanship and beauty. They take life in THE LAB, where precise mechanisms are built and animate with a touch. Using materials such as gold, diamonds, colored precious stones and ebony, he creates surprises that are sheerly irresistible.

Marla Aaron

Bridges, hardware and jewelry are just three of the obsessions that aligned to inspire Marla Aaron. The New York-based designer began her collection with a single lock, evolving it into range of designs that can be worn in an infinite number of ways to enhance personal collections with individuality. While streamlined and with an industrial aesthetic, her creations are rooted in the personal and emotional jewelry of the Victorian and Georgian eras. Pieces that make a statement, Aaron's are both contemporary and traditional.


Maral Artinian, the designer behind MARLI, is the daughter of an Armenian retail jeweler and diamond wholesaler. With jewelry in her DNA, she first worked in sales, traveling three continents. However, Maral was ultimately a creative soul and gravitated towards design. In her playful and innovative pieces she empowers women to express their uniqueness with contemporary, distinctive jewels rooted in minimalism and sophistication. Inspired by travel, architecture and fashion, Maral now lives in New York City, where she is energized by the excitement and enthusiasm of the fashion capital of the world.

Marlo Laz

Jesse Marlo Lazowski is a curious traveler. It was her bohemian wanderlust that inspired her fine jewelry brand, Marlo Laz, founded in 2014. That and her love of finding hidden treasures, like the heirloom pink ruby and diamond bow brooch she was gifted by her grandmother when she was 13 along with the antique jewelry with which her aunt, a dealer, worked. After studying in Switzerland and Paris, she began designing and overseeing the production of her first jewelry collection in Jaipur and then went on to study gems in New York City. Specs of her travels can be found in her jewelry—especially amidst her new La Trouvaille collection, designed for the spiritually minded—like colors of Mexico and textures from the Grand Bazaar in Istanbul mixed with symbols of prosperity and protection. The New York City-based jewelry brand reawakens curiosity and the passion for seeking out undiscovered keepsakes.


Born to a seamstress in Montego Bay, Jamaica, Matthew “Mateo” Harris moved to the United States to study when he was 16. The Big Apple stole his heart and unlocked his passion for the art of jewelry and fashion design. Inspired by his adopted city, and architects and artists such as Normand Foster and Grace Jones, Mateo also draws upon childhood memories in Jamaica. But, he credits his mother as his true muse. His jewelry presents a minimalistic, modern aesthetic with lines and structural forms that dance together with purity and precision. Sleek, never simple, and always visually arresting.

Melissa Kaye

Throughout designer Melissa Kaye’s collection runs an aesthetic of sophisticated luxury, highlighted by subtle and unexpected details. The New York-based talent utilizes geometric and natural patterns to make each style in 18-karat gold with diamonds and other precious stones. Chic and current yet with a timeless appeal, every Melissa Kaye design can be worn on its own as well as layered with other favorites.