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Sabine Getty

Jewelry designer Sabine Getty has an eye for color, geometry, and movement that one would expect from a member of the Getty family. Crafted in a Florentine atelier, each piece in her colorful jewelry collections draw inspiration from her dazzling world. Utilizing electric shades of multi-colored topaz, Sabine Getty jewelry is for bold, modern women who aren't afraid of a little extra attention.

Selin Kent

Incorporating clean lines, architectural forms and simplified shapes, the work of New York-based Selin Kent has a refined and modern aesthetic combined with an infectious playfulness. Influenced by the cities she has lived in—including Vienna, Paris, Istanbul and New York—the Turkish designer achieves elegance and balance in design through a careful study of geometry and proportion. These understated yet striking staples are crafted from responsibly sourced precious metal and stones, ensuring a commitment to the highest quality of craftsmanship as well as minimal environmental impact. 


Shay jewelry is a collaboration between Los Angeles-based mother and daughter team Ladan and Tania Shayan. Handmade using diamonds and precious gemstones set in 18-karat gold and platinum, the pieces are inspired by cutting-edge fashion, international travel and Southern California laid­back elegance. They are characterized by an edgy approach to geometry, delicate creations with high impact and modernized Victorian history and Art Deco designs. Shay concepts their collection as a jewelry wardrobe, meant to be stacked, layered and mixed-and-matched to suit any occasion. What makes Shay stand out is its perspective from two generations coalescing into an exceptional vision appropriate for every woman.


A multi-talented artist, Ann Spence discovered her gifts when she was a child making necklaces and jewelry. As an adult she took a detour into other artistic pursuits, such as writing and painting portraits of children. Yet, she continued crafting jewelry as a hobby. Increasing demand for her jewelry led her to found She Bee in 2011. Her pieces, influenced by her love of folk art and classic shapes, burst with color and give a sense of play when accessorizing. She uses rainbow sapphires and colored topaz set on foil in sterling silver with 14-karat gold and rhodium accents, resulting in dramatic accessories of distinction.

Silvia Furmanovich

Born to a goldsmith who set up his atelier in their home, Brazilian designer Silvia Furmanovich has jewelry in her blood. It’s no surprise she counts gold as one of her inspirations, combining it with materials such as ivory, coral, turquoise, woods and precious stones, in original and surprising designs. Singular, sophisticated and truly divine, her work is supremely elegant yet pops with personality. Each piece tells a fragment of Furmanovich’s story that you get to continue with your own adventures once you put it on.

Stephen Webster

In a career spanning four decades, Stephen Webster creates distinct, bold pieces that celebrate often-overlooked beauty in the everyday. From iconography to wildlife, literature, pop culture, and even the animal kingdom, Webster’s pieces uncover symbolism hidden in plain sight. Direct and bold, but never cartoonish, Webster’s pieces have earned him a reputation as one of the international scene’s most accomplished and exciting designers. In addition to his commitment to innovative design, throughout his career, Webster has shown a whole-hearted dedication to using ethically sourced materials. As one of the first jewelers in the world to achieve a Fair Trade Gold License, all of Webster’s creations are guaranteed to benefit the miners sourcing the precious metals and stones he uses. Combining beautiful design and impeccable global practices, Webster has proven himself a truly unique designer with a sense of global mindfulness evident in every piece.


Created by Suejin Lee, Suel is playful, yet sophisticated, simple yet romantic, bold yet delicate. This Fashion Institute of Technology graduate started her company in Korea in 2005, and each new collection continues to combine diamonds and gold with geometric shapes to convey a strong, minimal sense of simplicity and sophistication.


Inspired by special pieces that could be passed on from generation to generation, founder Suneera Swarup launched her jewelry line in 2010. Propelled by her passion for design, daughter Ana brought her eclectic fashion sense to the company in 2014. Using a layered approach, each piece from the duo is handmade in their Los Angeles-based studio. Understated yet elegant, every collection shows a love affair with rose-cut diamonds, emeralds and Australian opals.

Susie Saltzman

As a specialist in engagement rings, Susie Saltzman knows the importance of this piece of jewelry. Every relationship is special and unique and that’s why so are Saltzman’s designs. She creates bespoke pieces, reflecting each soon-to-be bride’s personality and individuality. Before establishing her company Saltzman worked for many years in product development at Tiffany & Co. She holds a Graduate Diamonds Certificate from the Gemological Institute of America, as well as other design and gemstone grading credentials. It’s important to Saltzman that she source materials through environmentally responsible procedures. For every ring she brings to life, Saltzman focuses all her passion and creativity into the process for a memorable one-of-a-kind experience to last a lifetime.

Sydney Evan

Founded by LA-based jewelry designer Rosanne Karmes in 2001, Sydney Evan jewelry is known for reinventing fine jewelry to be playful and super-wearable for every day. Sydney Evan charm necklaces and charm bracelets are an elevated twist on the personalized charm jewelry that every woman grew up coveting. Each piece celebrates the uniqueness of our lives, with strong roots in family, protection, love, luck, and good fortune. In 2012, Shy by Sydney Evan was launched, expanding offerings to include a collection of delicate pieces in 14k gold over sterling, inspired by longtime Sydney Evan classics. These bright pieces provide an exciting new dimension to this iconic brand. 


Simple, classic and timeless, the line launched by Dharmesh and Namrata Kothari embodies a synergy implied by its name, which means “together” in Greek. Blending gemstones with sophisticated craftsmanship, Syna’s vibrant pieces can stand alone as an individual statement or combine with others to express different aspects of your personality. Characterized by vivid gems selected for color and quality and showcased in exquisite settings, Syna designs transcend time and are ageless.