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Caroline Gaspard grew up with a love of gemstones—her mother had a diploma in gemology, earned at the age of 61—and was taught the secrets of precious minerals and metals as a young girl in France by a family friend who worked in the diamond trade. She then went on to study the Greek, Roman and Scandinavian mythologies of gemstones. It’s not a surprise than that Gaspard went on to spin her understanding of and love for gemstones into a jewelry brand in 2007. Enter Akillis. Named for the valorous hero Achilles, Gaspard’s creations are a stamp of independence in a world of established norms, giving physical form to Gaspard’s free spirit and will to live life without convention. Her designs—like gold bullets with diamonds and Cleopatra-esque rings, cuffs and pendants—are bold and daring like her personality. Akillis is crafted in its own workshops to ensure quality remains at the highest level.