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Jacqueline Cullen

Jacqueline Cullen specializes in Whitby jet jewelry. A prehistoric black fossil 180 million years old, it got its reputation as jewelry for mourning, becoming popular when Queen Victoria wore it after Prince Albert passed. Now mined out, Whitby jet is very rare. Cullen obtains bits of the fossil and uses processes and formats to celebrate the inherent flaws and inclusions, revealing its natural loveliness and removing the connotations of death and grief. Cullen is drawn to dramatic acts of nature, such as a placid sky ripped open by a slash of lightening, a volcano spewing lava or a cliff edge jagged from erosion. She believes acts of immense destruction can create beauty. Within her collection she achieves a luxurious cascade of Whitby jet jewelry shining with textured gold, glittering with diamonds and spreading joy.

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