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Elie Top

A creative genius in his own right, Elie Top spent his first years in jewelry design working with some of the industry’s finest minds. He began designing fashion jewelry for Yves Saint Laurent, learning his craft from Loulou de la Falais and creating his first jewelry under Alber Elbaz. Elie and Alber then moved to Lanvin, making couture jewelry relevant again through the perfect combination of tradition and innovation. In 2010, after collaborations with several brands and designers, Elie Top signed the first collection under his own name with Baccarat, and in 2015 he launched his own brand. Elie’s collections showcase a beautiful mix of couture sentiment and fine jewels in otherworldly designs that are at once ancient and futuristic. His pieces are playful and coy, many of them wearable in more than one form, manifesting the innovation and mystery present in all of Elie Top’s designs.