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Marie Mas

It’s only natural that Marie Cabirou’s first showing of her own brand would be groundbreaking. With education from the École Duperré and IFM, and training in jewelry design from Florence Croisier, Shourouk and Raf Simons of Christian Dior, she was set up for meteoric success. The name of her jewelry line, Marie Mas, is a nod to her grandmother Henriette Mas, who inspired Marie’s love of beauty and creation. Marie’s first collection, Swinging Stones, is a true labor of love for this revolutionary designer. Inspired by Christmas Tree Worms, vibrant and alive with fluid movement, she encountered in her ocean diving, Marie has sought to bring the magic of poetic movement to her designs. Marie and a team of artisans spent a year developing the now-patented technique that allows each piece to swivel effortlessly between two different colored stones. She travels to India to find the finest quality jewels and most talented craftsmen to bring her innovative jewelry to life.