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How this Founder's Negotiating Superpower Led to Her Success in Fine Jewelry


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Jean Poh, Swoonery, Woman Entrepreneur


How to Spend $3MM in One Click to sell the bracelet by the young jewelry brand Neha Dani, at a record for the online sales price $3mm. The showpiece of Neha Dani’s collection, this sculptural 18-karat rose gold bangle, is accentuated with over 72.83 carats of natural pink diamonds. 12,000 dazzling natural pink diamond melee and 18 fancy vivid, purplish-pink round brilliant diamonds (all certified by the Gemological Institute of America) were painstakingly set by hand to bring this piece to life...


Swoonery to Sell $3MM Bracelet Online

Luxury jewelry online marketplace Swoonery aims to make a splash in the white-glove world by offering exclusively for sale designs by Neha Dani, including a natural pink diamond bracelet valued at $3 million. Called the Amarante Bracelet, the $3 million piece contains over 75 carats of natural pink diamonds. Designed with the idea of flowers blossoming on twigs, there are 18 natural fancy vivid purplish-pink diamonds with a total weight of 4.02 carats representing the flower’s pistils, and over 11,000 smaller pink diamonds — total weight is 72.83 carats — comprising the flower’s petals. Each diamond is individually certified by the Gemological Institute of America...


Swoonery Focuses on Customization at Viva Tech

Orchard Mile and Swoonery are two of nine American firms selected to give five-minute presentations at the three-day fair that opened Thursday. The event, which counts the LVMH group as a partner, was organized by Groupe Les Échos and Publicis Groupe. More than 5,000 start-ups, and 30,000 visitors, are expected to have a chance to engage with business executives, investors and opinion leaders from around the world. LVMH is hosting a special “Lab” dedicated to the luxury industry...


Swoonery Aims to Change The Way Jewelry is Bought Online

Luxury e-commerce startup Swoonery wants to revolutionize the luxury e-commerce sector, removing any obstacles that prevent people from purchasing fine jewelry online. It aggregates over 55 top international fine jewelry brands like Casato Roma and Jade Jagger on its platform, guiding users through an intuitive shopping experience powered by machine learning. “Our aim is to transform the time-consuming real world experience of purchasing jewelry in-store into a simple, two-step process online,” said Jean Poh, founder and CEO of Swoonery...


Swoonery Seeks to Break Into Fine Jewelry with E-Commerce

The e-commerce company sells fine jewelry from nearly 40 brands, including Jade Jagger, Cosima Buc, Casato Roma, Elena Votsi and Walters Faith. Another 15 lines are in the pipeline to be added to the site with the goal to have around 100 brands available by year’s end. Poh is a fourth-generation jeweler who, at 28, began investing in companies such as the Real Real and then later began designing jewelry. “When I was designing for clients, I kept hearing how much difficulty women were having [jewelry shopping],” she said. “With men, that difficulty is exponentially worse.” The New York-based company employs a team of six and has raised an initial round of capital of which Poh declined to provide details beyond the investors that include Carmen Busquets, an early investor in Net-a-porter. The company is raising another round of capital...


How to Judge the Intangibles in High End Jewelry

We spoke with Jean Z. Poh, a jewelry retailer about to launch an international jewelry-aggregating website called Swoonery. The quality of the gems used in a piece of jewelry, along with their rating, is of course well known to be a key factor in price. But what else, we asked Poh, does she look for when judging the value of a beautiful piece of jewelry?


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Swoonery aims to recalibrate online jewelry retail through intuitiveness 


Fragmented luxury jewelry market calls for elevated digital service


LVMH is Looking for Startups to Bring Personalization to its Brands

Luxury group LVMH is upping its efforts in customer personalization, and it has recruited 50 international startups to help it do so. At the Viva Technology innovation conference in Paris, which runs through July 2, LVMH is hosting its first Luxury Lab. The three-day showcase will feature the new digital technologies spearheaded by the startups in the form of both pitches and demonstrations. While the startups aren’t guaranteed investment from LVMH following the Luxury Lab, they’ll receive introductions to both LVMH-owned brands as well as the LVMH venture fund, Groupe Arnault...


Swoonery Jewelry Salon

Jean Poh, the founder of Swoonery, has built a marketplace of the top jewelry designers across the globe.  Jewelry is one of those items that range in price and are personal.  Women seem to be able to pull the trigger online to purchase an insanely expensive handbag that is worn for probably a shorter period of time than jewelry and would not necessarily be thought of as an asset but women seem to have a harder time pulling the trigger on jewelry without touching and feeling it.  It is changing, as everything around online purchases has but designer jewelry is not quite there yet. So, how do you begin to build trust and customers who still want to touch and feel the products? To start, you open a jewelry salon...