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The world is a reflection of our values and actions and we at Swoonery believe that it is our responsibility to lead the change we want to see. Every initiative that moves us closer to the adoption of sustainable and socially responsible practices in the jewelry industry is significant—please join us and these visionary designers in our efforts to close the loop on sustainability.


Lori McLean

Rainbow Sapphire and Old Mine Cut Diamond Ring


Lori Mclean

Diamond Wonder Woman Ring


Lori McLean

Small Octagon Diamond Studs


Jennifer Dawes

One-of-a-Kind White Diamond Solitaire


Jennifer Dawes

Rose-Cut White Diamond Engagement Ring


Jennifer Dawes

Pear-Shaped Diamond Engagement Ring


Anfray & Anfray

Inseparable Double Ring


Anfray & Anfray

Molecule Earcuff


Anfray & Anfray

Octagon Ring


Silvia Furmanovich

Marquetry Roxinho Purple Wood Earrings


Silvia Furmanovich

Marquetry Geometric Round Wood Earrings


Silvia Furmanovich

Muirapiranga Wood Marquetry Bracelet